How to Dress Like a Zombie Prom Date…Prom Season

This was originally posted, by me October 27, 2007. See, no blog tackle snooping here jerkies. But, it has come to my attention that another important time of year is right around the corner, another rite of passage, another time to blossom…

Well, right of course today is EARTH DAY! But shouldn’t every day be earth day? Try to be a better global citizen everyday…REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

For this though, I’m taking about Prom Season, birds singing, flowers blooming, the Zombies looking for brains and dates…

How to look like a Zombie Prom Date?

Do you want to be the Zombie, the Slayer, the Survivor, you’ve got a realm of options people. I will break it down for you.

The Zombie Prom Date Knitters are actually the the girls who went to the prom with boys who happened to come to the prom undead, and we had to slay them.

So, we were the Slayers. Now, we just happen to like to knit so we get together and hang out and talk about our favorite jump kicks, weapons of choice, and knitting charities.

So, to Dress like a Zombie Prom Date “Slayer” wear a fancy Prom style dress, carry a shovel/misc tool and a severed head/hand/body part. Blood spatter is a nice touch. Also, runny mascara. Think cover art for Hole’s Live Through This album. Unless you are a pro like me. Sweet boots also make any Prom Date outfit look rad.

Zombie Prom Date Survivor Outfit? Just go with the Carrie covered in pigs blood look. Don’t forget your corsage! Really, prom dress, loads of blood, spaced out and in shock. Survivor.

Now, people, you are really telling me you have never been on a Zombie Prom Date, raised the Dead, done Voodoo or gone to the Pet Semetary?

Your Zombie Prom Date will arrive in his best Prom Outfit. He may smell a little funny, but don’t all teenage boys smell funny? Hair, askew. Face, pale, blueish and a tad veiny. Head tilted to one side, with drool/blood. Jacket will be off shoulders at an odd angle, and slightly hanging toward the side that he drags his leg on. I don’t know why they always seem to drag one leg. Nice dress clothes will also be a bit tattered and stained with blood and dirt.

You as the happy prom date should not notice these things because you are just happy to be going to the prom with a boy!!! Oh, you luck hipster! You got asked out by the coolest boy at school! So, push up your horn rimmed glasses and button up your angora cardigan, you’re going to have a night to remember!

If you need to borrow my shovel, or you want to learn to knit we meet on Thursdays.

We may also take Zombie Prom Date Knitters on the road to a coffee shop near you….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Always good to have a refresher tutorial.. Curious to know if you have a creative caption for my photo of the day: Shorter the Sweeter. Warning: it’s not exactly apropos re. Earth Day. Sigh.


  2. Oh, Kristina! Fix the link! My caption for the photo is so funny!!! Plus, this blog post, is like always, a classic! I think we should host our own Zombie Prom. I think it should happen on the date of the real local high schools’ Prom…Down with your local date rape rituals!!!Oh, women have the vote now? Girls go to college? I’m just being over the top? Well, STOP WAR!


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