Earth Day is Every Day, Slob

How can you help on Earth Day?

Stop mowing your lawn! Really. Ok, that’s my plan. I’m going to plant more shrubs, perennials and native plants and get rid of this stupid green stuff…

Ok, I’ve got more than just those 3 scrubby shrubs.

Look how mean my new grocery bag is!
Oh, I know you’re just tearing your hair out to get one of these aren’t you!

I was going to ECOBAGS
crap, I gave it away so easy. I’m always doing that. Anyway, I went to ECOBAGS
to order some inexpensive string bags. Why string bags?

The French are right about wine, bread, exercise, and damn it, the Eiffel tower is cool, so why wouldn’t they be right about using string bags to carry groceries around in? Who am I to argue with the French? Plus they’re cheap as hell, the bags, not the French and you can stick them in your pocket, again, the bags, not the French.

That’s when I found all this cool crap!!!

Now, go, do your part. Stay home and order from the internet.

Spin yarn from wool, knit socks. Walk, ride your bike, and harass public transportation until they provide service to your area!

Oh, the Ogre and I out on the town…Two fisted drinker vs Two fisted eater

We were saving the planet


4 responses to this post.

  1. A night out and really cool water bottles and bags. What’s not to love? :)After using my new metal bottle and freezing my lip to it for a second, I’m thinking of making up a felted bottle cozy. I might crochet it to get it nice and round, unless I can find a pattern around here somewhere. Those bottles get dang cold if you put cold water in them from the fridge, but a cozy should help.


  2. I liked the water bottles, and the get hip get green bag, of course it’s sold out. Up here at the IGA they are selling green bags for $2. I buy one whenever I go there, and promptly forget that I’ve done so whenever I go grocery shopping. Duh. Whatever the ogre was eating looks super yummy. Did he share?


  3. Tracy! Go to They have their own website and they have more bags there!No, the Ogre didn’t share. The spoon was there for looks. What I really wanted for dessert was a cup of coffee from Water St Coffee Joint and a shot of Frangelico. Water St is just across the parking lot, but the Ogre said I was being unreasonable.I had to settle for a “dessert martini.” They don’t even have real coffee with booze at that place. I had to have cold coffee with girly booze served in a martini glass.I could put dog crap in a martini glass and that doesn’t make it a martini…


  4. rockin’ bag and bottles. I need some of those for the office. check out my blog post today in case you’re thinking of having another kid and want a girl. I think you’ll like the news… 🙂


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