Yes, yes, I have 3 kids, I call them my 3 little Pigs. I know other people have more kids, and are more organized or worse off or whatever. But you throw an Ogre for a husband into the mix and the constant battle against the evil of zombies and vampires, and wow, when I have time to knit, believe me, a good time is had by all. Besides having a pointy stick in my bag at all times comes in handy against the occasional vampire.

Here’s my knit theory:

In the not too distant past, knitting was declared the new yoga.
Peace, love, and zen all through the lovely click of needles and the flash of yarn. I know this is a marketing scheme, and here’s why.
When I knit, I do not find peace. I usually find dog fur, and boogers.I also don’t find love, but anger. Gauge, size, yarn, time, issues that cause anger. Zen, huh, if the way to Nirvana is paved in waffles, I may be set here. When I knit, my brain sings “nothing could be finer than the taste of Aunt Jemima in the moooorning.”


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