I’m going to break your arms…

I just thought I’d send out a general warning. Steer clear.

I have some serious knitting to get done and I don’t have time for your crap.

Ok, unless you want to tell me you love me. But just leave a message, because really, I have to knit that Ribbed for Her Pleasure Shrug. You know, the one you are going to knit for yourself out of Briar Rose Fiber? Right, THE NEXT BIG THING.

Now, go, order your yarn from Briar Rose. I have to go, you know, knit the one that’s going to inspire you to knit yours.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Of course we love you, Holly. And we are all here to cheer you on…Be aggressive B-E agressive. Holly, Holly, she’s our man (?) if she can’t do it no one can.Just let me know if you think you need a little more encouragement. I’m here for ya.


  2. Go Holly!


  3. We love you, Holly!Your Daddy


  4. Go, go, go! You can do it! You’re one of the fastest knitters I know, so I know you will get it done in perfect time. 😀


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