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Pigs are barfing, and I’m happy

Yes, I’ve got some barfing Pigs.  No, no, don’t feel bad.  There are plenty of horrible things going on in the world right now, don’t worry about the Pigs.

You see, the reason I’m happy is because normally, the Pigs barf while we are on vacation.

Our family has a long list of vacation locations and beloved places to barf.

At Disney, Pig 2 likes to barf at the Animal Kingdom, oh, and on the bus to Animal Kingdom. He especially likes to the bushes at the Polynesian resort.  They provide a lot of cover.

They barfed all over that Magic Kingdom


Pig 3, he likes to barf in the comfort of Disney resort beds.  A yes, they are not only plush and comfy, but also barf-tastic!

Don’t worry Midwest!  We love to barf at your vacation wonderlands too!

Oh, Chicago, ye olde barfy city!

Aquariums, zoos, hotel rooms and hot dog stands…NONE of you are safe from Pig 1 and his mad barfing skills!

Right now, we are planning to go, nay, drive to Florida to visit PK and Dan.  I want this barfing to stop, before we get on the road.  Just this once.  Ok, not just this once.  Let’s start a new vacation tradition, one that doesn’t involve barfing.




Public School starts tomorrow!!  As a public school kid sending mom, I’m telling you I’m stoked.

The Pigs are tidied up with fresh hair cuts, new shoes (ok except for Pig 3-but that’s a different story) and clipped nails.  They were way beyond Pigs, it was like cleaning wolf children.

Now, what will I be doing?  Dancing.  I will be dancing.  All three Pigs will be in all day school for the first time ever tomorrow.  So yes, there will be dancing.

On the knitting front…I have been knitting and purling like school was about to start for me.  Wait, it is…but I don’t start until September 28th.

I finished a Scrunchable scarf.

Beware family, you may be getting one of these for holiday.

I also finished the hand spun, hand knit scarf.  When I say knit, it’s all knit.  Like knit all rows.  For those in the know, this means “garter stitch.”  For those having bitchy feelings about the lowliness of garter stitch, please remember the God Mother of Knitting-Elizabeth Zimmermann.  She rocked the house in garter stitch, and had no bad feelings about it…so stick it in your ass lace knitters!

Now, I’ve moved on to the newly beloved, viral knit…Citron.

Don’t worry, you won’t get tetanus from this.  It’s just the lastest in must knit, knits.  Of course I jumped on the band wagon.  If there is a wagon, I am on it, off it, and dancing all around it.

So, to all of you starting new ventures, happy new school year, new knitting year, and Rosh Hashanah!