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Pancakes and Fish Hats! You know you want it!

I just finished knitting the Fish Hat [Dead or Alive.]

Of course I went with dead!  See, it’s cool because when you wear it, it looks like a zombie fish is eating your brains.  Oh, those crazy zombie fish!

It’s from Knitty Winter 2008.  I know, I’m always late to jump on the knitting band wagon.  Honestly, I had tried making one of these before, but I was confused by the w & t.  That’s wrap and turn, I know because I normally ignore patterns that have w & t in it.

This time though, I was knitting for the Cub Scouts Silent Auction and I really wanted to make something fun and awesome that kids would whine for their parents to bid on. So I sucked up my pride, and check out how to w & t on youtube.

Now, if you’d like a delightful pancake breakfast, served up by Cub Scouts AND a chance to bid on this great hat…Come on out to the

Cub Scout Pack 251
invites you to our Third Annual…
Pancake Breakfast
a fund raising event to benefit Cub Scout Pack 251 activities
Sunday, February 13th
at Vicksburg United Methodist Churchk
8 am to 1 pm
Tickets available from Pack 251 Cub Scouts
Adults $5.00  Youth(5-10): $3.00
Kids under 5: FREE  “Family Pass” Tickets: $15.00
Serving Pancakes, Sausage, Coffee, Juice & Milk
Silent Auction featuring Great Items from local businesses


Running, well, sort of

So I lived through my first day of Borgess Run Camp.  It was actually super fun.  I can say that, because my group didn’t so much run, as practice run.

Yes, practice run.  I was in the first timers 5k “where the hell do I belong??!!” group.  Now, you know I’ve done plenty of 5ks, but that my friends was walking.

My 1st 5k

Shelly, Instigator of Original 5k madness

Which, I’d like to point out, I’m hella good at.  I’ve also been sort of kick ass at training for 5ks…

5ks where walking is involved.

So this whole running thing is an entirely new beast, thus the practice run.  Sarah asked if I was in the group that was running out on Riverview (which is a whole hell long way away from where I actually was.)

I laughed heartily and said “uh, no Sarah, those were probably the marathon runners.”  She pressed for more info.  “Sooo, where did you run?”

With pride in my voice I shouted “in the parking lot!!”  Which, if you need to know is outside.  Where, if you still are interested, it was a mere 13 degrees.  For someone more accustomed to say, hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps, outside running in a parking lot was a really big deal.

I’d like to thank Deborah, who is the Running Instigator of this new version of 5k madness, Gazelle Sports for proving that Teal and Red is not just a Kelly J thing

Pattern available at YourLocalYarnShop

-it’s also the official colors of our Team Leaders Jackets, and KWAK who was there rockin’ it knitterly with all her hand knit awesome.

Which reminds me, I need a signature look.  I need to be highly visible so I don’t get hit by cars.  I’m was thinking this may be the way to go.


On the BIG SCREEN!!!! The Wizard of Oz!!!!


As we were walking in Liz said, “you don’t see that very often.” Of course I had to get a picture.

See, it’s not all fancy like normal movie marquees. The Kalamazoo 10 had to go up to their attic and pull out actual letters and spell out Wizard of Oz.

We didn’t go to the Wizard of Oz for Pig 1. Oh, no. We went for this person.

Yep, that’s the 10 year old Snot.

I was expecting the Kalamazoo 10 to be packed with people dressed up like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion and the whole bit. Sadly, it was less Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more a Wednesday night out at the movies. The only person at all dressed up was one friend of Dorothy and I think he just had more fashion sense than the regular Wednesday night out at the movies in Kalamazoo crowd.

But the movie it’s self was not a disappointment. The colors in Munchkinland almost made me dizzy!! The audio was amazing! The Ruby Slippers??? Ahhhh, so shiny.

You know what we learned from the Wizard of Oz? This world needs more of the color green. Oh, and sequins. The color green and sequins. Big hats too. The color green, sequins, and big hats and fancy dress.

Fancy dress!
Sure, looks better in Munchkin Land

(We could probably do without the random flowers on shoes that they had in Munchkinland, that did not strike me as real practical.)

Don’t you think, maybe, we should try to incorporate this into our everyday lives more too? “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” In the George Bailey way. Great, now I’m mixing classically beloved or hated movies.

Whatever. I’ll never be able to watch it on a small screen again. Ogre, we need that new tv, with surround sound, and hd, blue ray. Yeah.

World Wide Knit In Public with ZPDK

World Wide Knit In Public Day
June 13th
Vicksburg Old Car Festival

We will have a booth at this event 9am-4pm

Come join the fun. See the old cars, then join us in sitting, knitting, spinning, cross stitching, crocheting, or give it a go at any of these fun activities.

We will also have spinning to try, and knitting instruction available. If you are going to learn to knit in the Holly style you will be handed a pair of needles and some string and be told to “have at it.” My spinning instruct is similar. I suggest you learn from someone else in the tent.

We were told we will be located on Main St among the Flea Market items. Vicksburg is not large, plus we are loud, I think you will find us.

I’ll get you my pretty

There comes a time in every zombie slayer’s life when fear makes them do amazing things. For me, that time was yesterday.

Pig 3 wanted to go for a long bike ride, so we went up to a local trail. It’s 1.5 miles one way. I thought “cool, I can time myself, double the time and compare it to Sunday’s 5k.”

There was a train parked along the trail. No big deal, the path is next to a train track, trains go by all the time. But as my cute sweet little Pig was riding his bike, I was thinking, what if this train is full of zombies? I walked faster.

But wait, this was a train. A train wouldn’t just be full of zombies, it would be full of road weary, laid off, forgotten by the world, rage filled, hobo zombies!!!!

Fear filled my heart, I had no shovel. I was out for a leisurely stroll, and some competitive walk training with Pig 3, I wasn’t carrying garden tools. I did know if I walked fast enough, there was a tool shed at the end of the path. I could defend my Pig, and any exercisers with what was in there. Except extreme naturally physically fit lady, she could help slay, or be zombie fodder.

As I made it to the end of the trail, I check my timer, 19 minutes. 19 minutes? Why, double that, and that would be a 38 minute 5k. That’s almost on pace with my bionic woman 5k dominating next door neighbor Julie.

I heard the train pull away, the danger was past. I walked up to a trail security guy. I checked his name badge.

“Uh, Jim, what was up with the train?”

“Compost, just transporting compost.”

“Damn it Jim, I’m a zombie slayer, not an idiot!”

“Government testing just didn’t seem like the go to answer.”

It’s Spring time, again

If you like asparagus and you haven’t had any yet this year, boy are you missing out!

I ate my 4 little stalks from the condemned garden, it’s like a little taste of heaven.

Oh, you want your own asparagus?

Here’s some help:

Schultz farm Mattawan

Kalamazoo’s Bank St Farmers Market -Opens this Saturday!! 7am-2 pm

Looking for another crop, or something near you? Check out

Mowers, Asparagus, oh, you know it’s knitting

Knitting, yep, that’s it.

Are you kidding? You know there’s more than knitting around these parts!

Yesterday was Father-Daughter lawn mower maintenance day. Sure, sure, I did just stand around and watch while he drained the oil. But I did scrape out what felt like 3 years worth of moldy lawn clippings from the under side. I then went on and changed the air filter.

We went out and found 4 asparagus stalks in the weed garden. The garden was then deemed a disaster area and fema will be out to put a trailer on it any day.

Ok, then we sat back and did some knitting.

Dinner-no, I didn’t cook that asparagus, I left it prominently displayed on the kitchen table. I did eat asparagus that knit though. It was all saucy and spicy. Where did I get such a luscious dish? Hunan Garden, baby! I ate so much my pee still stinks.

Fun things to do, that are sort of local:

Tuesdays-Knitting at Knoon at the Koffee Klutch

Friday, May 1st
Chicken BBQ at Home Grange #129
You get 1/2 a chicken, potato salad, dessert, pickles, veg. Notice the dessert is after potato salad and before pickles. That’s the order in which I snarf. No, I don’t remember how much it is. It’s worth every ruddy penny they charge you though. OH!! Drinks are Ogre served! Now that’s a draw in itself.

Address, the Grange don’t need no stinking address. You just have to know how to get to
B dr South and 9 1/2 mile road. If you want directions, please email me.

Wed May 13th an Evening Knit-together

Sunday, May 31st
Kidney Walk
Celery Flats

I swear after June 1st, I won’t talk about the National Kidney Foundation again until September.