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Pigs are barfing, and I’m happy

Yes, I’ve got some barfing Pigs.  No, no, don’t feel bad.  There are plenty of horrible things going on in the world right now, don’t worry about the Pigs.

You see, the reason I’m happy is because normally, the Pigs barf while we are on vacation.

Our family has a long list of vacation locations and beloved places to barf.

At Disney, Pig 2 likes to barf at the Animal Kingdom, oh, and on the bus to Animal Kingdom. He especially likes to the bushes at the Polynesian resort.  They provide a lot of cover.

They barfed all over that Magic Kingdom


Pig 3, he likes to barf in the comfort of Disney resort beds.  A yes, they are not only plush and comfy, but also barf-tastic!

Don’t worry Midwest!  We love to barf at your vacation wonderlands too!

Oh, Chicago, ye olde barfy city!

Aquariums, zoos, hotel rooms and hot dog stands…NONE of you are safe from Pig 1 and his mad barfing skills!

Right now, we are planning to go, nay, drive to Florida to visit PK and Dan.  I want this barfing to stop, before we get on the road.  Just this once.  Ok, not just this once.  Let’s start a new vacation tradition, one that doesn’t involve barfing.



Sometimes I look like this.  Mostly when I’m doing my super awesome embodiment of Grace, Grange duties.  Look how funky fresh I look in that dress, yo!


I may even be all respectful at some times-but it doesn’t last…

Because really, you’ve got to defend what you believe in.



On football day, I have been known to be optimistic, and a wee bit on the “awh, hell no ref! That is bullshit!” side.



Now sometimes, I just need to beat the shit out of stuff.  Most of the batting cages are closed, so now, I’ve got to do the best I can.  NO closets are safe!!  You will bow down to my organization!!



Glad to be back!!  Here’s to many more adventures!!

Pigs Summer Adventure

It’s the second week of summer, and you’ve heard nary a bit of Adventure.  Have we been slacking this summer?  Would you believe we were sitting around watching Gilligan’s Island reruns?

Of course we’re not!  The Pigs and I have been busy, too busy to blog snarky.  No, never that busy.

June 12th was the Vicksburg Old Car Fest.  Yeah, old car. They mean “classic” but this was their 30th Old Car Fest, so what do I know.

Like good Scouts, the Pigs were out on this hot day hocking water.

Really, those boys marched all over town and sold 50 bottles of water in an hour.

Thank you to everyone who bought water, was inadvertently hit by a Cub Scout, and those who tolerated the extreme excitement of Cubs doing good deeds.  Good deeds are often marked by shouting “Ice Cold Water! $1!”

                   One of my 1st grade JA kids thought I was so cool, he wanted to sell h20 with us!!

We’ve also already made it to the Kalamazoo AirZoo.  Admission is still free, but you might as well return those pop bottles and have $12.95 ready so your Pigs, kids, can ride the rides.

Pigs 1 &Pig2 went in the Navy airplane simulator, and were asked not to ride it again.  Pig 2 was screaming “SAAAAVE ME!!!  HELP! HELP!” the whole time.  I, was laughing.  I couldn’t help it.

Sadly, this is the only photo we got while at the Airzoo.

                                          Ok, we liked the motorcycle best.  It was “wicked.”

The AirZoo would be the perfect rainy day activity…if it only had free wifi.

What’s up for us next?  Lawn mowing.

Is that sheared or shorn?

Wonder Why Alpaca Shear Day…
You may wonder, and you may wonder why, but if you are at a shear day, you better get ready. Ready to work, or eat, or watch.  Really, there is a spot for everyone.
Chrysler and Spinsanity-The Alpaca Nurses
Besides having donuts at the farm by 8am, Chrysler and Spinsanity got the vaccinations ready for the alpaca.  Not sure, but I’m thinking it was dewormer stuff. (very scientific, I know)
After an alpaca is caught, it must then be tipped.  Ok, not like cow tipping.  This is a controlled process that went something like this
Jim: “You got the head?” 
Me: “uh?”
Jim: “Ok, GO!”
Leg sweep, leg sweep, steady weird alien head, and she’s down.
The she being referred to is me.  Ass over tea cart.  Or ass over alpaca depending how you look at it.
Katie was shearing for the Wonder Why Farm.  Sadly, her assistants were the ZPDK team…
How many ZPDKs does it take to take a boot off?  3 and one to take photos!
How many to put up a shade shelter? ALL, even the photographer.
We learned pretty quickly though.  We had too!  18 animals, 2 llamas, and the cats.   
Shear belly=garbage
Shear body=GOOD
Shear Legs=2nds
Shear neck=Good
Chin, lower legs=Texas rug
Move quick, stay out of shearers way, have bags and shots ready, for the love of all things fluffy-Do NOT let the alpaca think you aren’t paying attention!  One relaxed hand, or wipe of a snotty nose the alpaca would try to take advantage and get away.  How it thought it was going to get away while attached to a stripper pole, I don’t know.  But what I do know is it would totally mess up it’s hair cut.
Shearing can be done by hand with these giant scissors, but Sunshine was just getting a topknot trim 
Shots are given after the shearing, toe nails are clipped during, then the big reveal…Naked Alpaca!!
Beware of their cuteness! Aliens…ATTACK!
Now when you wonder why the alpaca roving, yarn or sweater costs more than other fibers…you’ve got a bit of an idea what goes into it. Fun, friendship,hard work, sweat, and snot.

It’s Grange Time again!

For those of you in the Battle Creek Area, you may have seen some of our lovely Zombie Prom Date Knitters in last weeks edition of the Shopper. Yes, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters can’t be stopped. Ok, a large zombie invasion might slow us down, but stopped? Never!!

Want to know what all the fuss is about?
Well join the Zombie Prom Date Knitters at the Home Grange 129 Craft Day this Saturday!! Because the fuss is about crafting and fun. Really, maybe not in that order, fun and crafting?

Home Grange 129 Craft Day
Feb 6th


This is a free, open to the public event!

Bring your craft of choice, and head over to the Home Grange Hall for a day of fun, crafting and snacks.
email if you have any questions

Last month we had spinning, knitting, ceramics, jewelry making, and scrapbooking. Plus lot’s of food.

Hope to see you there!