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Crocheted Away the First Day

Of the first day of 2011 BecandCall, and Loongirl came over for a day of crochet and ginger bread cookies.

We were all working on  Snotty Ripples Afghans.

Bec's-a color masterpiece


Mine-my eyes! my eyes!

In true ZPDK form, many people are making a crochet afghan, many patterns are being used, and much fun is being had.  As Bec said “Yeah, I think “rules” is just a word to indicate we have some thing that looks like order in our group. That’s how we roll.”

I also have a photo of one made by our very own FatCat!

Bright and Sassy!

So, you want to get in on the fun?  Well, if you need some crochet pointers, or inspiration, check out Lucy at Attic24.  Her Neat Ripple Pattern is full of instruction, and her blog is straight up filled with awesome.

Oooh, cookies.  Besides being a top notch zombie slayer, the Ogre is quite the chef/baker.  If I were to make cookies, they would be of the pilsbury premade variety.  The Ogre though got his mortar and pestle out and ground spices and made a delectable treat.

Here is the recipe he used-

Ginger Bread Cookies-courtesy of Disney Parks-via foodnetwork-drive ins, diners, and dives

It was really nice catching up with friends.  I miss everyone with all this work and school going on.

New Year’s Day 2012…COME OVER!



Crochet, of course with Snot!

I have a favorite blanket.   Actually, I believe I have a stolen favorite blanket, but that’s not the story.

This is my favorite blanket. It was a graduation present to my mom from her Grandma Chism.

I want to make a similar one out of non-acrylic evil yarn for my Pigs. I swear to honor it by making it in true Snotty colors. Orange, purple and green-they DO look good together!!

After Pig 2 had his tonsils out, he used it as a get well blankie.

I think the meditation may have helped with the healing too.

I used it when I had my tonsils out, had chicken pox, bronchitis and every other childhood trauma. My brother was covered in this blanket after surgeries, and during illness. Feel the healing power of the Ugly Blanket!!!

Here is the one I recently started. 

Don’t worry, I think I have the skills to make it all healing and stripey.