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Cascade 220 heads to the SEC

Wow, the SEC is full of color. These people are not resting on their laurels and just sticking to red, white and blue like some teams in the NFL. You know who you are, no need to point fingers, GO PATS!

But really, these teams were a pleasure to work on. I can only say that now, because I’m done. Matching shades of red, crimson, garnet, maroon, and Harvard Crimson make me, well, long for the good old days for the NFL match up.

As I do every time I’d like to say, I’m doing the best I can. I check every team, I don’t just say “oh, crimson, I said color ## last time, I’ll say color ## again.”

It may not seem like it when you look at you favorite team and you go “Oh, dang, she the Gamecocks all wrong.” Really, I’m doing my best!

Now, que the theme to 2001…

Cascade 220
first, Cascade 220 Superwash numbers second


University of Alabama –

Crimson (2401) or (8884) and White (8505)

Crimson (893) and White (8710

University of Arkansas –

Cardinal Red (8895) or (8414) and White (8505) and Blue (8887)

Cardinal Red (808) White (871) and Blue (813)

Auburn University –

Burnt Orange (7825) and Navy Blue (8393)

Burnt Orange (907) and Navy Blue (854)

University of Florida –

Orange (7825) and Blue (7818)

Orange (825) or (822) and Blue (814)-oranges not a good match in superwash

University of Georgia –

Red (8895) and Black (8555)

Red (808) and Black (815)

University of Kentucky –

Blue (9484) or (7814) and White (8505)

Blue (813) and White (871)

Louisiana State University –

Purple (8904) and Gold (7827)

Purple (803) and Gold (821) superwash purple is dark

University of Mississippi –

Harvard Crimson (8895) and Yale Blue (8393)

Harvard Crimson (808) and Yale Blue (854)

Mississippi State University –

Maroon (2401) and White (8505)

Maroon (880) or (909) and White (871)

University of South Carolina –

Garnet (8884) or (9404) and Black (8555)

Garnet (893) and Black (815)

University of Tennessee –

Light Orange (7825) and White (8505)

Light Orange (825) and White (817)

Vanderbilt University

Black (8555) and Gold (2415) or (7827)

Black (815) and Gold (877)

As always if you are in the Michigan area, these stores stock a shocking amount of Cascade:

Threadbear Fiber Arts
in Lansing, Michigan

Your Local Yarn Shop
in Battle Creek, Michigan

Again, I am not affiliated with either store, or with Cascade, although I’d love to be.


Cascade 220 Goes to the Big 10!!

Here it is, the start of the College Yarn Team Color Match up.

Of course I went with Cascade! I love them! But I did you one better than with the NFL List, I’ve matched up the teams to Cascade 220, and to Cascade 220 Superwash.
Why? Because if you have the good fortune to go to a stadium that isn’t dry, you may have a beer related mishap and need to wash whatever lovely hand knit. You don’t want your team spirit to shrink in the wash do you?
So, listed first are the 220 options and second are the Superwash options. Again, this is done to the best of my ability, and for the love of team sports and knitting.
Big Ten

University of Illinois –

Orange (7825) and Blue (8393)

Orange (907) and Blue (854)
Indiana University–

Cream (810) and Crimson (8884) or (2401)

Cream (817) and Crimson (909)

Home town favorite-University of Michigan

Maize (7827) and Blue (8393)

Maize (877) and Blue (885) or (813)

No, here’s the home town fav…Michigan State University

Green (8267) or (9426) and White (8505)

Green (866) or (801) and White (871)
University of Iowa –

Gold (7827) and Black (8555)

Gold (877) and Black (815)
University of Minnesota –

Maroon (2401) (8884) and Gold (7827)

Marron (909) and (877)
Northwestern University –

Purple (8904) and White (8505)

Purple (803) and White (871)
THE Ohio State University “THE Official Yarn Colors” –

Scarlett (9404) or (2413) and Gray (8509) and White really makes it pop (8505)

Scarlett (893) or (808) and Gray (892) and really, White looks good (871)
Penn State University –

Blue (8393)and White (8505)

Blue (854) and White (871)
Purdue University –

Old Gold (8393) and Black (8555)

Old Gold (853) -not a good match in super wash and Black (815)
University of Wisconsin –

Cardinal (8414) or (8895) and White (8505)

Cardinal (893) or (808) and White (871)

Now, is it the Big 10 because there are 11 teams? Or perhaps I messed up somewhere?

What? You’re school isn’t listed here? Neither is mine. For local Kzoo people, I’m doing the MAC like a week from now. But I’ll throw you a bone…

I always use superwash when making hats… and scarves.

I’m not very far yet. But hey, football season just started!

Western Michigan University-

Brown (8686) or (2403) and Gold (7826)

Brown (819) and Gold (877)

So, again a big thanks to the fine folks at Cascade for the big rainbow of colors. If you need some Team Colors check these yarn stores with HUGE Cascade selections:

Your Local Yarn Store-Battle Creek, MI

No, I’m not getting payola, or anything from any of these places, they really do have a great selection of the colors you NEED.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Of course you’re ready for some football!

1. You’ve got your handy NFL Meets Cascasde 220 Yarn List

2. You’ve gone to your local yarn shop to get your teams colors Cascade

3. Your going to knit/crochet…

What! You don’t know what to make!

Oh, really, do I have to do all the work for you?

You will always look fashionable, and warm, in the stands with a team colors hat. Check this one from Debbie Stoller’s Son of a Stitch ‘n Bitch.

Hey, if you thought Favre was still going to be with the Packers and you bought green and gold, fear not! The J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS’! green is the exact same! You lucky dog.

Or you could go halvesies and just make it green, gold and white in honor of ole Brett‘s past and present teams.

No, no hat for you? Ok, scarf. You can make a scarf. You can do stripes. Rockin’ easy and makes a good tailgating project too!

Now, something I am always in awe of at the game, and envious of is the team color afghan. In my heart of crafty hearts I’d love to make one for my dear sweet Ogre in New York Giants colors.

But, really, really? Red, white and blue! Argh!

Why couldn’t his team by the Bears! Orange and Navy!

Again, points for team color style Chicago!

So, what will you be knitting this football season? Scarf? Hat? Afghan? Beer Sweater?

Beer Sweater-free Pattern on Ravelry by Melissa Martensen

Why Team B is Good at Restaurants, plus Stash

Sometimes the Ogre and Team B complain about dinner, and well, this is why…

If it’s not a casserole, it’s crap. Or actually, if it’s got actual instructions to follow, or can’t be left in a crock pot, it’s going to burn. I have never gotten this to turn out. I hear it’s good. It’s acorn squash with stuffing and sausage. Sometimes it’s under done, sometimes it’s burnt. I actually managed both this last time. Nice!

This, is my current yarn organization process, also known as ‘wow, the Ogre is starting to notice I have this, and I can’t make it to the bathroom at night without tripping, it’s time to organize.”

It’s a total lie!!! I don’t want to organize!!! Look at all the pretty orangey-pink stuff from Lora!
She thought it was ugly, and I think it’s heaven! I’m thinking super skinny extra long scarf to take full advantage of it’s awesomeness!

I was looking in the stash to find something to trade. I promised to do this like a week ago, but it’s hard to find the just right thing. She also added in the pretty flower fabric and a pattern for a knitting bag since she doesn’t sew…Ogre does!

Sorry Lora, you can’t have my new Dream in Colors yarn. It’s for the next baby sweater I have to knit. Blah. I realized yesterday while looking at Pig 3, who is 3 years old, that I was pregnant with him when Pig 1 was 3, which means there was also a baby Pig 2!

HELLO? Brain? Crazy? Can you even believe that? That’s a whole lot of babies. That’s a whole lot of diapers. Anyway. Good luck to you friends having babies. I will see you in about 2.5 years, because that’s when they put your brain back in. Right now, the Stork has it. Hey, is the Stork a zombie?

Notre Dame Superwash colors. Trust me, it’s not for a U of M hat, the blue is too dark in real life. It’s the flash. I am working on the list! Don’t fret….it’s on the way. I’m not saying it’s going to be in superwash either, I’m just saying I happen to have yarn in my house to make a hat in Notre Dame colors. Not that I will, or that I would, but I could.

Are You Ready for More Cascade and Team Sports?

Look at the Blue, the lovely, lovely blue…
Ok, I have the ability to see out of both eyes and I was thinking “gee, this is really cool! But what could I do to go blind in one eye again?”

1. Laceweight project, size 000 needles, black yarn!

Ah, I’d never wear the finished project, it would take me forever, and I’ve pretty much already quit before I’ve started

2. Pointy pencil.

There are no pointy pencils in our house. Trust me, I look on a daily basis. Never a pointy pencil. I used them all when we had the pet mice.

3. BB gun.

As a certain small town knows, I’m a great shot with a BB gun. My eyes have nothing to fear. The neighbors’ eyes yes, my eyes, no.


Number 4 is the clear choice. Even a zombie could get this one right, it’s a no brainer. Or a spare brainer.

Sadly, the Ogre and I are at a bit of a shovel clanging throw down over what teams we should tackle (hehe) next.

I’m thinking college teams, and do it by conference.

He was thinking the other professional sports teams, like NHL, NBA, etc, etc, etc.

Or, I could finish up NFL by doing the promised superwash, which is actually halfway done.

Gee, I think I answered my own question, but after that, what do you want? Most votes win.