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Leave the house, I will, er, improve it

The Ogre is in Europe.  I know, right?  He’s like on a different continent.  So, what have I done while he was gone?

I tore out a closet.  Really, I took the pole, shelf and random wood bits out.

I even got a Pig in on this action.  Sadly, and really there was much lamenting, the closet was in dire need of repainting after the abuse it got from me and my assistant.

I don’t know about you, but when I am in the middle of a home renovation, I like to halt everything and invite everyone I know over.

Ah yes, it was the Zombie Prom Date Knitters invasion!   Hurray!!  It’s been so long since I’ve seen my girls!!

Sandy and the Other Laura were over also, but I believe they were out paroling the perimeter when the camera was out.  It’s weird, but we’ve had a real influx of werewolves lately.  I mean really, you get rid of all the zombies, and the damn werewolves show up.

Here’s the repainted closet.  Isn’t it beautiful and tidy?

Wow, with all the awesome I’ve done, I really think the Ogre is going to be surprised when he gets home.

Surprised that one little woman and three Pigs can make such a big mess.


11 Years, Teeth and Spinning!

11 years ago today, the Ogre and I got hitched.

Then had a kickin’ party.

For our 10 year we went to Disney with the Pigs.  We promptly ditched the Pigs and went out for fancy dinner.

This year…The Ogre had his wisdom teeth removed.

There was no blue pickle this time…It was all about the mashed potatoes from KFC.  While he was in recovery I kept trying to trick him into believing that the after surgery instructions said “eggs, mashed potatoes from KFC, and applesauce.”

Why KFC?  Because if you have surgery, you eat KFC mashed potatoes!  I ate them after my tonsillectomy, and after I had my wisdom teeth out.  My brother had them after his wisdom teeth were sawed out of his head, and when he donated his kidney to my Dad.  When Pig 3 had his tonsils out, he too had KFC mashed potatoes.

Last night, the Ogre finally broke down and ate mashed potatoes.  They technically weren’t from KFC, but the potato tradition lives on!

So he’s going to continue recovering, and I’m going to hang out with friends.  I think he’ll be glad I’m gone.

What will I be doing?  Spinning!  I got a lot of really fun fluff while at Michigan Fiber Fest.

These girls were not part of the fluff obtained.  They are part of the fun.

I also might try my hand at making felted hats. Someone made it look so fun!

Wonder Why?

This was partly part of Fiber Arts Friday.  To see more actual posts about Fiber and less about Mashed Potatoes (KFC optional) please visit Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!

Pancake-Olympics (that would be cool)

The Pancake Breakfast was a great success! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it.

I think I have been knitting in my sleep. Luckily, I’ve been keeping in pattern. If I can keep up sleep knitting, I’ll get this Clap done and be able to knit the Ogre a pair of Olympic Spirit mittens.

O Canada-by Swatchless

Which, due to his Ogre size, will probably require more yarn than the Clapotis.

A Zombie Slaying New Year!!

I was very convinced that it was pouring rain, or Paul Bunyan was frying bacon in a huge frying pan in my back yard.

Which would lead one to wonder, where the hell is Paul finding those giant pigs? Plus wouldn’t giant pig wrangling replace the auto industry, save the State of Michigan and end world hunger?

Then I got to worrying, if it is raining, that means the zombies are thawing out. I mean sure, it’s been nice to have a break form the constant stress of zombie slaying. But the bad economy must be effecting the Mad Scientists too, because there has just been a down swing in evil lately. I mean really. I’m getting bored around here.

All these thoughts, plans and adventures! So early in the morning! I was going to grab some giant pig bacon from Paul, grab Babe the Big Blue Ox and try out the new cricket bat the Ogre got me for the Holidays. It was going to be a great start to the New Year! Yeah!!

Turns out, the humidifier was just running low on water…no thaw, no bacon, no zombies. At least until the real thaw.

Update your Ogre Knowledge…

Ogres do not like warm climates. That’s why you find so many zombies in the South, plus there is the whole voodoo thing.

This also works well for the zombie slayer knitter and Ogre match up. Cold weather, knitting and Ogres all just seem to make good sense. I have no idea why so many Ogres are drawn to short women.

Snotty and Ogre Dr B & Jackie The Ogre and the Amazing Kat!

I’m going to say it’s the short women looking ahead to the future and wanting to utilize storage on tall shelves.

What am I knitting? Mittens. Mittens for Soldiers, mittens for the Home Grange Bazzaar.

WHAT!!! You’re telling me it’s been 2 days since something awesome has happened at the Grange Hall. Well, you’re right. It has been 2 days. You missed the Halloween Party. Which means you also missed a chance to have some of my now famous Sloppy Joes. But your loss.

Next chance to dine at Home Grange will be for the Annual

Swiss Steak Dinner and Craft Bazaar
it’s one of those food in the lower hall, crafts in the upper
December 5th!!

Food-swiss steak, real mashed potatoes, veg, rolls, dessert, all the fixings, for a reasonable price!

Craft Bazaar-mittens, scarves, baked goods, RICE KRISPY TREATS (although part of the trill is gone now that you know my assembly line process) Grange top secret pickles, aprons, antiques, crafts, ALL SORTS OF AWESOME STUFF and disgustingly LOW prices!!!

We’ve talked about renting tables to outside vendors…I’ll let you know what the Grange has decided on this.

As a reminder, it’s peak season for both zombieism and flu, so carry a shovel, increase your cardio, and wash your hands. (this is actually the amount of hand washing you should be doing, you filthy beast.)

It’s always fun around here

Hey! It’s football day. I get to wear the Go Broncos Hat!

Oh, I know, I’m supposed to be at like 3 places today, but sometimes my best friend wins out:

I know you all thought it was you. But I need my very best friend to be a Big Grumpy Ogre.
It balances out all the Short Annoying Cheerful.

Don’t worry, I’m bound to do something stupid today.

I’ve been practicing my one handed back bend, in my new zombie fighting prom dress no less, to prepare for today’s tailgating.

Speaking of fun…ZOMBIELAND!!!! Opens Friday. I’m looking at Oct 9th. Get your shovel and your hedge shears sharpened.

On the BIG SCREEN!!!! The Wizard of Oz!!!!


As we were walking in Liz said, “you don’t see that very often.” Of course I had to get a picture.

See, it’s not all fancy like normal movie marquees. The Kalamazoo 10 had to go up to their attic and pull out actual letters and spell out Wizard of Oz.

We didn’t go to the Wizard of Oz for Pig 1. Oh, no. We went for this person.

Yep, that’s the 10 year old Snot.

I was expecting the Kalamazoo 10 to be packed with people dressed up like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman, Cowardly Lion and the whole bit. Sadly, it was less Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more a Wednesday night out at the movies. The only person at all dressed up was one friend of Dorothy and I think he just had more fashion sense than the regular Wednesday night out at the movies in Kalamazoo crowd.

But the movie it’s self was not a disappointment. The colors in Munchkinland almost made me dizzy!! The audio was amazing! The Ruby Slippers??? Ahhhh, so shiny.

You know what we learned from the Wizard of Oz? This world needs more of the color green. Oh, and sequins. The color green and sequins. Big hats too. The color green, sequins, and big hats and fancy dress.

Fancy dress!
Sure, looks better in Munchkin Land

(We could probably do without the random flowers on shoes that they had in Munchkinland, that did not strike me as real practical.)

Don’t you think, maybe, we should try to incorporate this into our everyday lives more too? “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.” In the George Bailey way. Great, now I’m mixing classically beloved or hated movies.

Whatever. I’ll never be able to watch it on a small screen again. Ogre, we need that new tv, with surround sound, and hd, blue ray. Yeah.