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Running, it’s still ugly

I complain, I bitch, I moan, and yes, there are tears, but here I am again, running.

Snotty, Deborah, and Dan

We all learned from Zombieland that rule 1 is Cardio.  Sadly, that skinny little zombie apocalypse survivor started out with taller, and shall we call them, more athletic genes.  I spent Saturday internally hating genetics.  I mentioned to Deborah my newly fueled hate was toward my short genetics and she said, “ah, the hate that lasts a lifetime.”

This conversation happened during a 1/2 mile span.  It’s difficult to hate, talk, breath and run.

After the running, I got a massage!  My massage school buddies were out fulfilling part of their Specialty Massage Class requirements!  You should have seen the look of shock on their faces when they saw me.  Oh, not because I was there, I’m always showing up unexpectedly.  No, they were shocked because they thought I was running the full Kalamazoo Marathon.

Yeah, uh, no.  2 miles of sort of running is enough to make me cry, no marathon for me.  As it turns out, without a shovel, I am zombie fodder.

As for knitting, I continue to do what I call knitting.  You know, start something, work diligently on it for a week, then chuck it behind the chair.

Currently behind the chair is a baby sweater with no arms, a really short afghan (like a blanket, not a short person from Afghanistan) plus a super small start to the Chaos Swirls knit along shawl that the ZPDK have embarked on.  I embarked too, but I’m currently using a life boat.



Today I gave my first real massage.  Oh, sure, the other massages I gave were in fact “real.”  Today was real, real because it was with a previously unknown to me client.  Hurrah!  Hurrah!  I feel all official now, I’ve massaged the general public!

The general public, only if the general public is pregnant!  Yep, our clinic was for Pregnant Mommas-side lying pregnancy massage!  Really, if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant look into your local massage school about signing up for a free massage.  Here in the Kalamazoo area, help us, help you, help us*, by checking out the Massage Institute at Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts.

It went really well.  I enjoyed giving the massage and I had a good time working with my client.  Asa true Zombie Prom Date knitter I was all “OMG!  I should have totally made her a baby sweater!!”

But I do believe that would have been considered a boundary crossing.

I knew it!

I wasn’t kidding about being More Knit Famous in 2011!  In the Sunday, January 9th edition of the Battle Creek Enquirer the Zombie Prom Date Knitters were mentioned in an interview with the WonderWhyGal.

Here is the link if you are interested in reading about the awesome first hand.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to meet up with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters very often this fall/winter knitting season.  I blame school, or work, or an overload of complete zombie annoyance blocking my every step.

But don’t fear!  The Pigs and I are still up to insane levels of jackassery and knit goods that “will fit somebody” are still being made.


More Knit Famous in 2011

The Ogre heard there was a huge, I mean HUGE, zombie outbreak at the mall.  So of course, we had to go check it out.  For the record, Sears is where you want to go to stock up on your zombie slaying equipment.  I was never so proud as when Pig 3 slammed a hunch backer in a front loading washing machine.  It’s totally cool, because now the washer has slight damage and will be sold at a discounted price.

While at the mall having our adventures, which included a dance party, a dance fight, and a new belt, I saw an amazing thing.  YES!  Something more amazing than Pig 3 and the washer!  A lady walked by wearing what appeared to be a hand knit hat.  I looked closer and thought “hey, that’s the Hurricane Hat pattern!

“HEY!  That is my hat!!!”

She was stylishly wearing hers inside out.  Or, I didn’t weave in all the ends and she was hiding them.

It’s 2011!!

I want to start eating healthy, today.  But we have all these delicious left overs!  The Ogre really out did himself and made a multi course meal with recipes from Disney.  No, not like Mickey Pancakes, food from the Disneyland and Disney World restaurants.

You too can own this lovely cookbook.  Available at Disneystore


Today is supposed to be the Grange Craft Day.  But really, I didn’t feel that it would be safe to drive in all this snow.  Non locals-please note, it’s Michigan, that is normally the case, but today, it’s 53 degrees and sunny.

So, if you’d like to get crafty over at my place…come on over!  I have a lot of food.


Key to Awesome

KellyJ of KellyJKnits, developed a very cute hat pattern this fall called All Keyed Up.


After the hat pattern, there was the glove pattern.

Now, I’m not much of a hat pattern person, but so many people were making this hat and every single one was turning out like a work of art.  I wanted in on the fun and easy!  But, alas, I decided I was too busy to worry about trying to make holiday hats for people.  Too busy eating shrimp.

Finally, Kelly J came out with a cowl pattern.  Ah, the lovely Key to Warmth.  Now with this one, I had it in my on line check out cart-click here for on line shopping of The Key to Awesome collection.

But then I thought, “Gee, I could just go to Your Local Yarn Shop, say hey to the Ladies, have a nice afternoon, and pick up the pattern then.”

Uh, I haven’t really gotten around to that.  So, on Christmas Eve, the WonderWhyGal had  a blog contest with my new found love pattern as the prize!!  I knew I would get the luck of the draw!  I just knew it!

Ok, that didn’t pan out for me either.

Little did I know…the WonderWhyGal already got the pattern for me as a gift, along with some other lovelies! It was like a dream come true!  Or at least closure.

Now, to knit it!  The extra cool part-it takes approximately 100 yards of a “contrast” color.  Gee, my spinning is all about 100 yards of contrast!!  Perfect!!



Knitting books

My knitting books are still in storage.  I feel so out of sorts without them.  Sure, I can check out patterns on ravelry, but it’s just not the same as looking at all those glossy photos in a loverly book.  I swear, I get Women’s Health Magazine just for the photos.  I don’t even look at the Hot Body Fast articles.

Luckily, my sweet Kat got me Stitch n’ Bitch SUPERSTAR knitting for holiday.

This should keep me busy until I am able to set my books free from storage.

But just to be safe, you may not want to leave a knitting book unattended near me.