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Running, it’s still ugly

I complain, I bitch, I moan, and yes, there are tears, but here I am again, running.

Snotty, Deborah, and Dan

We all learned from Zombieland that rule 1 is Cardio.  Sadly, that skinny little zombie apocalypse survivor started out with taller, and shall we call them, more athletic genes.  I spent Saturday internally hating genetics.  I mentioned to Deborah my newly fueled hate was toward my short genetics and she said, “ah, the hate that lasts a lifetime.”

This conversation happened during a 1/2 mile span.  It’s difficult to hate, talk, breath and run.

After the running, I got a massage!  My massage school buddies were out fulfilling part of their Specialty Massage Class requirements!  You should have seen the look of shock on their faces when they saw me.  Oh, not because I was there, I’m always showing up unexpectedly.  No, they were shocked because they thought I was running the full Kalamazoo Marathon.

Yeah, uh, no.  2 miles of sort of running is enough to make me cry, no marathon for me.  As it turns out, without a shovel, I am zombie fodder.

As for knitting, I continue to do what I call knitting.  You know, start something, work diligently on it for a week, then chuck it behind the chair.

Currently behind the chair is a baby sweater with no arms, a really short afghan (like a blanket, not a short person from Afghanistan) plus a super small start to the Chaos Swirls knit along shawl that the ZPDK have embarked on.  I embarked too, but I’m currently using a life boat.


Running, with Runners. It hurts.

Yesterday I was in Florida.  Now, I’m back in MI.

That’s Deborah on the left, and me, messing with my snot rag on the right.

I’ve decided I’d rather eat less food than run.  Oh, I’m not just saying run in the snow, I’m saying run. (that . has been bolded for em-pha-sis)

Now, back to starving myself…Until next week, when I run, again.

Randomly, I found a Contractor

So I go into this Construction Place* and scared the crap out of the lady there.  No, I wasn’t all in my zombie slaying garb, and I wasn’t acting assertive like I do at 4 way stops.

She was just surprised I was there. She was all “ok, what do you want?”  I said “construct, build or design a 4th bedroom on our house.”   That my friend, is not what they do.  They only work in commercial construction.   I laughed and said “oh, then can you build a pole building in my back yard to keep my kids in?”  She asked me what size I needed.

Then random other guy popped his head out and he was all “I’ve got what you need.”  Sadly, that Biz Markie song has been in my head ever since.

His relative does residential construction and he gave me the info for Construction Place.* This is how I get stuff done, completely randomly.

If you’d like to offer random suggestions, as you can see, I’m open to them.


*Names were changed to protect the Construction Places.

Running, well, sort of

So I lived through my first day of Borgess Run Camp.  It was actually super fun.  I can say that, because my group didn’t so much run, as practice run.

Yes, practice run.  I was in the first timers 5k “where the hell do I belong??!!” group.  Now, you know I’ve done plenty of 5ks, but that my friends was walking.

My 1st 5k

Shelly, Instigator of Original 5k madness

Which, I’d like to point out, I’m hella good at.  I’ve also been sort of kick ass at training for 5ks…

5ks where walking is involved.

So this whole running thing is an entirely new beast, thus the practice run.  Sarah asked if I was in the group that was running out on Riverview (which is a whole hell long way away from where I actually was.)

I laughed heartily and said “uh, no Sarah, those were probably the marathon runners.”  She pressed for more info.  “Sooo, where did you run?”

With pride in my voice I shouted “in the parking lot!!”  Which, if you need to know is outside.  Where, if you still are interested, it was a mere 13 degrees.  For someone more accustomed to say, hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps, outside running in a parking lot was a really big deal.

I’d like to thank Deborah, who is the Running Instigator of this new version of 5k madness, Gazelle Sports for proving that Teal and Red is not just a Kelly J thing

Pattern available at YourLocalYarnShop

-it’s also the official colors of our Team Leaders Jackets, and KWAK who was there rockin’ it knitterly with all her hand knit awesome.

Which reminds me, I need a signature look.  I need to be highly visible so I don’t get hit by cars.  I’m was thinking this may be the way to go.


Running from the Snow? No, in it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to run.  Outside.  In the snow.  The snow that I mocked the other day.  I don’t see this ending well.

the snow, and my knees-TOGETHER!

Why, O, Why? Why do I find myself in these situations?


Plus, Deborah made run camp sound super fun.

Yes, she made it sound super fun.  Plus, here is what it says on the Borgess Run for the Health of It site:

“When you sign up for Snow Busters, the 2011 version of Borgess Run Camp, you not only improve your own health, but also serve as a role model for your family, friends, coworkers, the neighbor’s kid, your mail carrier and all those people driving down the road asking themselves what you’re doing out there running in the snow, cold and the wind.”

You know I can’t resist being a role model!  Ah, yes, being a role model. Me.  It’s like being crowned queen of the world.  Queen of the “look at those jackasses out running in the snow” world.

Did I mention I also bought a treadmill?

Blue Dolphin…adventure!

Last night was another successful Zombie Prom Date Knitters outing. 
 I say the outing was successful. Many zombies spotted in the downtown Kalamazoo area, many zombies eliminated.  KWAK says she really shouldn’t run over zombies because her car just got washed, but I think it’s because she prefers hand to hand combat.  
Oh, and I say event for a reason.  When you have this many ZPDKs in a room, it’s always an event.
Here is incarnation 2 of the Boheme baby sweater. 
This time the size is right, but due to all of the OPA! that was going on last night
I missed a button hole.
Outing 1, Knitting 0

3 slammers, and 1 sipper
Maybe the knitting didn’t go so great, but we did get a lot accomplished.  Accomplished without getting thrown out.
Fat Cat, we’ve got your week PLANNED!
Outing 2, knitting, sadly still 0
This was part of fiber arts friday.  Please visit Wonder Why Gal’s our host of Fiber Arts Friday for more fun.

You thought you’d never wear it again…

I know you’re all curious to find out what happened at the:

First Annual Zombie Prom Date Knitters

Zombie Slayers Ball

yeah, you should have shown up. But I’ll take pity on you and give you the highlights.


Full City Cafe, said “hey, you show up with 6 zombie slayers, we will give you a free Sundae.”

Well, that’s like inviting a Vampire into your home. I bike for cake and I”ll put on a prom dress for ice cream.

Turns out, we’re not called the Zombie Prom Date Knitters just for fun! We take that Prom part seriously.

They wouldn’t let us bring our weapon of choice, the mighty shovel, into the movie theater, but we had our next best thing… our zombie stompers!

Spinsanity Spun at the Movie When not Laughing!

After Zombieland-Check those smiles, and handknits!

So how was Zombieland? Best movie EVER!!! Just, just, go see it. I don’t want to ruin it for you. I’ll just say it’s a touching coming of age story set in a post apocalyptic world filled with trying situations, tough decisions and hard times. Heeheehee. No, really, you could describe it that way or like this “If the little girls in your neighborhood are f@*ked up little monsters it’s time to stop driving carpool.”

We tried to go to Olde Pennisula after the movie. But they said “You will have to wait 1 hour to have the all delicious fall time treat of Pumpkin Ale for a Zombie Prom Date Knitters Party that Large and Awesome.” So we went to Monaco Bay.

Our Waitress Sarah was super awesome.

Turns out, she knits, and she has been accepted in as one of our own!

Did we stop knitting at the bar? That would be a no.

Astonishingly enough, we were the normal group at the bar. There was a birthday group that was causing a ruckus. Yes, a Where the Wild Things are level ruckus!

Drunk dry humping to Happy Birthday on stage by Fake Boob Girl and Creepy Taking Advantage Guy was deemed PG by dueling piano bar hosts. But when Andrea and I said “hey, it’s our Birthday too we want on stage!” We were told no one was allowed on stage until 9 pm unless it was PG.

Uh, hello, fake boobs and dry humping between a hetero sexual couple is PG but two girls dancing in Prom dresses is too Wendy and Lisa for you?? So we had our own dance party at our table.

My haircut is butch, that doesn’t mean I am.

Heck! I followed Death around the block to see where he was going. Turns out, it was a dark alley. Then I helped Kentucky Irish pick up a guy.

“Have you met my friend Dawn?”

Someone wasn’t someone’s type.

Then we all went home to our normal lives being farmers, charity workers, artists, neighbors, moms, daughters, wives, friends, nurses, teachers, accountants, corporate lawyers, and other normal things. Yeah, crazy fun makes the world go round. Did you ever wonder why the world spins to that one side? Character.