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Crocheted Away the First Day

Of the first day of 2011 BecandCall, and Loongirl came over for a day of crochet and ginger bread cookies.

We were all working on  Snotty Ripples Afghans.

Bec's-a color masterpiece


Mine-my eyes! my eyes!

In true ZPDK form, many people are making a crochet afghan, many patterns are being used, and much fun is being had.  As Bec said “Yeah, I think “rules” is just a word to indicate we have some thing that looks like order in our group. That’s how we roll.”

I also have a photo of one made by our very own FatCat!

Bright and Sassy!

So, you want to get in on the fun?  Well, if you need some crochet pointers, or inspiration, check out Lucy at Attic24.  Her Neat Ripple Pattern is full of instruction, and her blog is straight up filled with awesome.

Oooh, cookies.  Besides being a top notch zombie slayer, the Ogre is quite the chef/baker.  If I were to make cookies, they would be of the pilsbury premade variety.  The Ogre though got his mortar and pestle out and ground spices and made a delectable treat.

Here is the recipe he used-

Ginger Bread Cookies-courtesy of Disney Parks-via foodnetwork-drive ins, diners, and dives

It was really nice catching up with friends.  I miss everyone with all this work and school going on.

New Year’s Day 2012…COME OVER!



Crochet, of course with Snot!

I have a favorite blanket.   Actually, I believe I have a stolen favorite blanket, but that’s not the story.

This is my favorite blanket. It was a graduation present to my mom from her Grandma Chism.

I want to make a similar one out of non-acrylic evil yarn for my Pigs. I swear to honor it by making it in true Snotty colors. Orange, purple and green-they DO look good together!!

After Pig 2 had his tonsils out, he used it as a get well blankie.

I think the meditation may have helped with the healing too.

I used it when I had my tonsils out, had chicken pox, bronchitis and every other childhood trauma. My brother was covered in this blanket after surgeries, and during illness. Feel the healing power of the Ugly Blanket!!!

Here is the one I recently started. 

Don’t worry, I think I have the skills to make it all healing and stripey.

A Finished Object, and Hopps Finishing Details

As I relax with my needlework, I quietly reflect upon the days events:

wrangling Pigs,

chasing zombies,
and feeding girafes.

I wonder, “Gee, I wonder why I never have any finished objects to show off.”

But wait a minute, look what I managed to actually finish. I mean really finish, ends woven in and all.

A crochet string bag like the kind Linda of FatCatCrochet makes and sells for Charity.

Left Fat Cat Crochet, Right Copycat Crochet.

Like my attempts at project storage and pattern reproduction.

Somehow a piece of paper was never handy. At least I’m ready to roll when I want to make another.

Anyone wondering about the short sleeved version of the knitty helena sweater and how my niece Addy is liking it?

Well, if you notice from the photo, it’s still being stitched up. Yes, super quick to knit, super quick to finish, but well, ah, they live in North Carolina for crying out loud and I figured the baby really didn’t need a sweater in August. Yeah, that’s why I haven’t finished it yet.

Now speaking of finishing…

I think we may have nailed down a date for the Barbara J. Hopps Memorial Blanket Sewing Bee.

Date: Saturday September 27th

Location: Northern Michigan Lamb and Sheep Festival
West Branch, Michigan

At the Hospitality area they are hosting a drop in Charity Knit In, for a local woman’s shelter and a resting area. I think we could be able to put together our charity item there.

They are also taking MACHINE WASH YARN, suitable for scarves. If you would like to donate that to them (de-stash anyone?) it’s like a thank you for using the space. Or unloading the left over orange and green yarn that you never want to see again.

Lost? Never! Ogres, Olympics and Pigs, we got it all

Will a Knitter get lost in the woods?

Not if she brings her trusty dog!

Now, it may seem crazy to bring 3 Pigs into the barren wilderness to learn to fight zombies. As it turns out, Ogres as early as the Late 1800’s were sending their families up north for Zombie Camp. Look! Evidence right there at the Waterfront Park!

“Often husbands sent their wives and children ahead of them to escape the summer heat. They joined their families intermittently during the season as their business schedules permitted.”
In Pitch Forks and Torches-The Ogre’s Plight it actually reads “Often Ogres sent their wives and children ahead of them to get additional training in the summer. They joined their families intermittently during the season as their patrol schedules permitted.”
As we all know, zombies are more active in the warm summer months, making it easier and more zombie free to train in the cooler weather of the north. It’s just good planning to have a Training Camp up there. Plus, it’s pretty.

The following is not pretty. This was all done in an attempt to be biting fly free.

Turns out flies fear knee high socks much more than they do moustaches.

Oh, you thought we were totally disconnected from the outside world? No, no friends, we had a few days off from our grueling training.

Ahoy! Yarn’s Spinner! Anything can be yarny. You know, this would be a great time to tell you about seaman and hat knitting, but now I have the giggles and it’s useless.

Note to knitters: apparently there is quite the market for these Monmouth caps. For actual cool history go here info and pattern by Jennifer Carlson.
More Awesome! Michigan raised an Olympian!!!

Way to go Matt Hughes! We watched you Sculling before we left for your childhood hometown!

What’s this, the Ogre on a boatful of Pigs?
Yeah, I can’t go on boats. They make me barf. Even tiny paddle boats. Barf. Blah, blah, start your “you should try…” I don’t want to. Barfing is lame.

Besides you know what time it is when the fam is on the water?

Craft time.

Oh, I am gonna knit that

You see, I am saying “Oh, I am gonna knit that.” Because I have to use up my stash. Which implies that I will finish…

The Dreaded Dread Pirate Sam

Actually Crochet, but in the stash, and needing finished, so, you know, here on the list of stuff.

Oh, that Tulip Sweater that you thought I finished? That one was Carina’s. Mine is mostly a vest. Yeah, I have a sleeve yet to go. I have decided, top down rocks, stripes suck.

Garden Gate Scarf? The gate is done, flowers? I have f-l-o-w-e-r. I am such a lame turd. A quiter, or actually, a starter. I’m still wearing it.

Uh, my Briar Rose Sweater? I am knitting the hell out of that. Oh, yeah.

Wait. Where are the pictures for this post? I am too darn busy knitting to find the photos that go with the whining.

1st day of school, mustaches and ponchos

Ok, so I didn’t end up taking Harry to school and walking him to class. I put him on the bus.
I think this may be directly related to the amount of grilling I was putting him through. “What’s your teacher’s name? What’s your room number? Do you know your address?” So he was really glad to get on the bus and be rid of me.
As for the little brothers, Cy thought he was starting Kindergarten today, so he was mad to not be getting on the bus.
Owen has decided that he needs a mustache, so if you look close he drew one on. Also, the poncho. It’s not for him, but it is mostly done. The actual Interweave Crochet pattern instructs me to put big pom poms on the ends of the ties, but I think that little crochet flowers would be nicer. Also, if I was a kid I know I would pick those pom poms apart in about a day.
Sooooo, 1st day of school, mustaches, and ponchos. I should sit back and watch teley the rest of the day, good job to me.
No life of ease for me. I think I am going to have the little boys help me rearrange the kitchen.
What am I going to do when I only have 1 kid at home? I could refinish the basement…