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Pigs are barfing, and I’m happy

Yes, I’ve got some barfing Pigs.  No, no, don’t feel bad.  There are plenty of horrible things going on in the world right now, don’t worry about the Pigs.

You see, the reason I’m happy is because normally, the Pigs barf while we are on vacation.

Our family has a long list of vacation locations and beloved places to barf.

At Disney, Pig 2 likes to barf at the Animal Kingdom, oh, and on the bus to Animal Kingdom. He especially likes to the bushes at the Polynesian resort.  They provide a lot of cover.

They barfed all over that Magic Kingdom


Pig 3, he likes to barf in the comfort of Disney resort beds.  A yes, they are not only plush and comfy, but also barf-tastic!

Don’t worry Midwest!  We love to barf at your vacation wonderlands too!

Oh, Chicago, ye olde barfy city!

Aquariums, zoos, hotel rooms and hot dog stands…NONE of you are safe from Pig 1 and his mad barfing skills!

Right now, we are planning to go, nay, drive to Florida to visit PK and Dan.  I want this barfing to stop, before we get on the road.  Just this once.  Ok, not just this once.  Let’s start a new vacation tradition, one that doesn’t involve barfing.



Family Fun-Make it Stop

Labor Day is just around the corner and summer is coming to an end.  NO!  Don’t read that all wistfully!  Here in Michigan kids are legally obligated to stay running free, eating candy, and general jackassery until after Labor Day. 

I like to make sure there is plenty of jackassery.  It’s what I’m good at.  Well, that and zombie slaying, and those two things really don’t do much for me on my resume.

Here the Pigs are on the Spider.  Also known as the Octopus, or hey that arm thing that goes uppy and downy.  It’s all dependent on which reputable Carnival you are visiting.

The Pigs only got 3 rides, so I wanted to make sure they went on something fun.  You know, not just around and around on the super sparkly motorcycles.
The ride was deemed torture, the worst thing ever and barf inducing.  Mischief Managed.

For our next round of torture we took the Pigs to Chicago.  While at Navy Pier they pointed out the Ferris Wheel.  I said if you didn’t like the Spider, you’re going to hate the Ferris Wheel.

This leads me to wonder what they think the Ferris Wheel actually does.

Later, at the zoo, we were attacked by stingrays.

 Yes, stingrays attack unless you hold beheaded fish between your fingers and then stick  your upper body into the water.  It’s bizarre, but it keeps them from getting vicious.

Speaking of vicious…An any flavor Icee Machine?  That is vicious awesome. 

Here the fam is outside the Field Museum.  Why the Ninja pose?  I’m thinking it’s tradition now.

So what do all these fun stories tell you? That summer was over weeks ago! Michigan Schools, open your doors and put some learnin’ on these Pigs. They’re tired of fun.

Chicago, with Pigs, and Zombies!

Last week there was a lull in the online adventures, because we hit the road!
Here’s the beginning of my Storm Cloud Shawlette.  Ok, sure no knitting to be seen, but I was working on it.  This is from my hand spun yarn.  It’s a blend of Alpaca (of course, I have a dealer!) and the yellow and orange is merino.  All of the raw materials are from Marty and Alice.
Our first stop was at Navy Pier.  Of course we went went there were Super Heroes afoot.  Although the Pigs were pissed that Marvel and DC heros were both at the same event.  They are particular like them, bless them Stan Lee, bless them.
When on vacation with 3 Pigs and an Ogre, it’s always good to treat your self.  Ok, my ass is not thanking me, but my mental well being was.  Yes, M&M’s do go well with Pinot Grigio.
There WERE zombies at the Field Museum.  Or the Shelly Field Museum as the Pigs call it.  But we eliminated those zombies ASAP then carried on with our day.  I especially loved the Ancient Americas Exhibit.  It was really well done, for both kids and adults alike.  Lot’s to read, but also a lot to touch. 
Unlike the Diamond Exhibit.  I grazed a case with my finger nail and was almost taken down with a flying tackle.  Luckily, because of all my zombie defense techniques, I saw the guard approaching in the the glasses reflection and was able to step clear of his attack.
We decided as a family that our new thing would be to pose like Ninja’s in front of all the places we visit.  I can’t wait to get a family Ninja shot infront of the Washington Memorial. 
At the zoo, my favorite is the swamp.  The birds are enclosed, and it doesn’t reek of aardvarks.
Here we have the Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry.  If they ever need a family to live on the Museum grounds, I would volunteer us.  It was the most amazing thing.  Bamboo floors, recycled oven door counter tops, green roof, it was SWEET!  Also, we were proud of the Museum for their use of a giant museum size water cisterne.  Not only were they talking up water conservation at the Smart House, but also putting it to work around the Museum.  Good call! More information from Michelle Kaufmann
Smart Home at Science & Industry

So, recap-We fought zombies, and learned how to save the environment.  Awesome.

Watermelon in Winter

You know you’ve seen the movie Dirty Dancing, and we all know the quote “No one puts Baby in a corner.”

Well, the most used line from that movie at our house is “I carried a watermelon.”

Yeah, you know the scene. Baby goes to party with Doofy kid and carries a watermelon up in my mind an incredibly large flight of stairs. When asked why she’s there she says “I carried a watermelon.”

So the day to day practical applications may seem ridiculously slim, but soon, you too may be carrying a watermelon all over the place.

Let us recall that two very short days ago I started a very simple Ball Band Dishcloth from those Perky Mason Dixon knitters. It turned into a work of art. If asked by the Ogre while ripping out said art installation rather than calling up the Art Institute in Chicago and say “my art is ready” I simply say “I carried a watermelon.”

That way he knows I did something stupid, without all the boring knitting details.

Sadly, I have to admit, last night, while watching teley and knitting the same damn dishcloth, I carried a watermelon.

You had Storms, We had ADVENTURE!!!

Harry Potter at Science and Industry

We saw Ron’s “R” Weasley sweater. Sure, not technically book accurate, but sweet to see in person. His bed spread by the way, is not quilted, it’s all hand knit. Our Orange and Green Barbara J. Hopps Charity Blanket from last summer is totally Molly Weasley approved!

A bunch of outfits, and props, and, and stuff from the movies were in the exhibit. It was overwhelming, and awesome.

Plus, Twilight fans-I saw Robert Pattinson’s outfits from Goblet of Fire. He’s short.

Everywhere we went we said “is this a museum or a dance party?!” Why, because it was fun and we were constantly dancing.

Dinos at Brookfield Zoo

Oooh, Pirates at the Field Museum.

Here’s the list of things I didn’t get photos of because the evil camera crapped out:

Bacon in my “vegetarian salad” at the Field Museum

Margarita Flight (6!) at Fuego Loco, plus the sampler I begged off the waiter due to over salsa consumption.

Copernicus statue in front on the Adler Planetarium. We named our new dog after him, we needed a photo.

Gangsta Wedding Party. Full tails on the tuxes, hats, everything trimmed in pink, face piercings, tats, flower girls, and the bride wore white. It was beautiful and punk rock all at the same time. All this, no evil camera!

Groendyke tanker truck-Really? The jokes were flying like mad in the Mazda. Sadly, no photographic evidence.

But, alas, we had to return home. You’ll be glad to know during our down time I did manage to conquer entralac knitting. You might say I conquered it as well as I do any knitting technique. Plus, there will be photos of that in the near future, because like all things that die, the evil camera is back!! I know have an evil zombie camera!

Weekend Adventures!

Ah, Chicago! We went for the museums, but some of us left a bit behind.

Shedd aquarium, a lovely time. Completely uncrowded. Something about it being a Thursday and the bottom half of the place being under renovation kept the place free of people. Or maybe it was the look of Pig 1’s green face.
Let the barfing begin!!!

While we stopped at a Hot Dog stand, Pig 1 barfed in the grass, upstream from the Hot Dog stand. What are you gonna do?

I was worried, freaked out, a little traumatized even. No, not over the barfing while hot dog eating. Best hot dog of my life. No, I was worried because I had only one skein of yarn with me and it was looking like I was going to be stuck in a hotel room all of the next day with a sick kid.

Hey! In Chicago they use Ogres to mark trails. I guess there are other job options for Ogres.

No illness can keep a future Paleontologist from the Field Museum.

We saw Sue getting dusted, the Aztec World, Pirates, and an incident happened where a new shirt was needed.

Things I learned at Brookfield Zoo:

A skinny scarf can be stretched to cover ones ears
You will be mocked for covering said ears
I will be knitting a hooded scarf
When it says “Active Adult Supervision”

It doesn’t mean “Active Ogre Supervision”

If you take Pigs to a Dolphin Show, one Pig will get to be a helper

If you take Pigs to a Dolphin Show, and tell them you’re going to a Donkey Show next, they’ll ask questions.

Wombats stink. Really. A lot.

We also hit the Planetarium.

For those wondering “Why drag those poor sick kids all over the place.”
Yeah, they felt good enough to beat the crap out of each other.

For those saying “Irresponsible! Those Pigs got other children sick!”
All I can say is-suck it up. Actually don’t suck it up, buy some hand sanitizer and keep your hands out of your mouth.

After all that adventure, I think I earned this one.

Why I need a flask…

I have three Pigs who barf and crap everywhere. I’m not saying I’m against adventure, I’m just saying a flask would be a lovely addition to my survival pack.