Michigan, Snow. Yeah, we get that.

When Marty sent me the dire weather report for this week, I noted “yeah, it’s going to be Michigan all week.”  Then I felt like an ass for saying it because according to the news, the weather and the giant cloud mass over much of the United States we were supposed to get the Storm of the Century.

It is the Day After Tomorrow

In the end, I was right.  Snowpocalypse of 2011 turned out to be pretty much regular MI weather.

Ok, I’ll give you slightly more drifting.

There is a VW bug parked in the middle of Portage road due to an impassible drift.  It’s like that REM video, they just got out and left…

Also note that the Mazda 5 could get down the drive way, but would promptly be stuck in the middle of our road.  Because our road is one big drift.  It’s really pretty.

5 responses to this post.

  1. I knew that was coming too. I was going to be snarky yesterday on Twitter, but Bec mentioned J was driving home, so I thought better of it.


  2. The drifts were the worse part…oh well, tomorrow life will go back to “normal”. I did enjoy the mental health snow day though.


  3. My sister in Oak Park, IL got 24″ and 5′ drifts. Me? I’m in sunny Puerto Rico:D See you Tuesday:)


  4. 5′ drifts! THAT is amazing! Happy that you are in a warm place.


  5. You could have been snarky, Elizabeth. I love snark. Plus it all worked out. Our road seriously sucks. The plow just made one trip down the middle of our road. Just enough to have only our side of the street have to dig out our drive. Maybe they will do the other side tomorrow but we are not holding our breath.


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