Frenchy, Einstein, just another Monday

Watching Grease as a kid, I really admired Frenchy.  The smoking, the ear piercing, and hell, the pink hair.  Sure, I thought Rizzo was tough and awesome, but I was pretty sure a bun in the oven was not a good thing, unless you were a baker.  Which, all in all, was really confusing.

So like my Grease idol, I am a drop out.  Massage school drop out.

But sometimes, it takes the most tough and most awesome to quit.

So what do I have to fall back on since the massage thing didn’t work out? SCIENCE BABY!

I had a chat with Albert Einstein (he does still occasionally catch a worm hole to knit with the Zombie Prom Date Knitters.)

He said to me “Fräulein, you do what volk on the tv do.  You use the pipette and catch bad guys.  Not everyone can do that.”

Damn it!  Al’s right! I’m like straight out of CSI!

Here’s to Frenchy and Eienstein!  Let’s share some fine dessert wine!


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