The Cowls of Winter

For some reason, I had deemed the Cowl as the perfect Holiday knit.  I decided this in early December.  By Mid-December, along with the regular amount of Pigs, and zombie bits, the house was also filled with a multitude of tube shaped knitted items.

Hark!  A Cowl for Shelly!

It’s on the stairs so that I will remember to sew in the ends.

Look! A cowl for Sarah!

I left this one on my massage school sheets so I would remember to sew in the ends.  So far, I just keep moving the pile around.

In the house, possibly behind a chair is a mini mochi cowl.  Another planned gift!  Another planned gift with the ends needing to be sewn in.

These pants the Pigs are wearing…

made from cowls, sewn together, but without the ends sewn in!!

It’s cowl madness over here!  So please, be a good friend.  If I give you a cowl, please accept it, and say it’s awesome.  I don’t care if you never wear it. Just remember it kept me busy during…SNOW MADNESS!

5 responses to this post.

  1. Oooo! Look how fancy!


  2. Posted by Kat Bishop on December 27, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    Amanda loves my cowl and would like me to ask you if you will make one for her also. 🙂 …or she plans to steal mine LOL (Actually she asked for 4 – gray, baby blue, red and brown – but I told her that was probably asking too much hehehehehehe!!)


  3. Good people will find homes for your cowls. Nobody cares about ends sticking out, that’s why I let my end stick out.


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