I’ll be there all Week, er, Month

Well, well, December is right around the corner.  Actually, I’ve never really seen the corner, but I’m sure I’ve bumped into it before.

Anyway, are you under booked for the month of December?  Well, I can hook you UP!!

Here we have the Home Grange calendar for December-I lifted this from the Home Grange blog, but I think it’s cool since I actually wrote it.

December FUN at Home Grange!!

Hey Friends!

There are a lot of fun things coming up at your local Grange Hall!!

This Friday, December 3rd is the annual

Swiss Steak Dinner and Bazaar!!
December 3rd

Dinner includes savory Swiss Steak, REAL mashed potatoes, squash, coleslaw, rolls and dessert!!!

There will also be a Craft Bazaar with plenty of baked goods, ceramics, baby quilts and maybe even a hat or two made by Holly of Knit it Up, YO!

Wait!  It’s also time for December’s Craft Day!!!

Join us Saturday, December 4th for another great day of Crafts, fun, plus, friends and food!!

Home Grange Craft Day!
Saturday, December 4th

We will be meeting in the lower hall this month.  Bring your craft and have some fun!  Or, try a new craft.
People bring knitting, spinning, scrap booking, crochet, jewelry making, genealogy, quilting, and sometimes even home work!!  Bring your favorite craft and join us!

December 11th 4 pm-Holiday Decorating followed by
Regular Business Meeting at 7

Don’t miss out on the fun of decorating the hall.  I promise, I’ll clean the bathrooms, you can decorate the tree.

Learn about all the fun activities the Grange has planned for the upcoming year, and see what community service activities we are planning too!!

December 18th

Home Grange Holiday Program
December 18th
Join us for our annual Holiday Program!  Bring your favorite reading, poem, original holiday story, skits, or songs.  You ARE part of the program.
We will also be handing out awards that members received from State Grange contests.
Wooo!  Go Grangers!
Bring a $3-$5 woman’s or man’s gift for our random gift exchange.
Santa will also be there to hand out gifts to children-You bring the Gift, Santa will dole it out!
We hope you can make it to many of our great events!
Please note: Holly d’Awesome will be at all above mentioned events-weather dependent.
Sooo, what do you think?  Fun, old fashioned holiday goodness.  Plus Santa!  What other friend can promise you Santa?

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