My current knitting has been less than stellar.   Actually, it’s been less than sweater.  I was working on a the Little Linear baby sweater.  It’s knit in one piece, blah, blah, worsted weight “it will only take two minutes” sweater.  Honestly, it is all that, but in my hands, it swiftly turned into two balls of yarn, a lump of off needle stitches and a bunch of failed hopes.

Ah, how do I feel about that?  As it turns out, not so bad, but it’s a long story.

You see, when I make a baby sweater, I have a go to pattern.  The basic pullover from Top Down for Toddlers

It’s a top down, raglan sweater.  I’ve made it so many times it’s like an old friend.  BUT, yes, there always is a but, and it’s usually BIG.  My copy is in storage!  Wait, I meant “MY FREAKING COPY IS IN STORAGE!!”

Look!  Look at the beauty I have made in the past!!

Check it, yo.  It’s like a thing of supreme awesome.

Here is what happened with my Little Linear…

Complete Torture Destruction Nightmare.  No, really, it’s true yo.  It’s such a mess, it’s stuck on my chair.  My chair has been violated.

Yes, that’s the crap by my chair.  I’ve been a bit busy.  Or lazy. Or sad.  It’s hard to say.

Now, to why I’m happy about this mess.  We’re moving back into our house!!!  Oh sweet, sweet knitting books!  Come home to Momma!!  Well, moving back in, unless of course you totally want to buy my house between now and January 11th.  Yeah, I didn’t think so.

We’re repainting the Pigs’ rooms, and unbunking the beds.  We’re home, and so are my knitting books.


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  1. Does this mean it’s time to get the knitting machine to work? Maybe that should be our Saturday plan. Oh, screw it! You know I am coming over with my frozen Amy’s Gluten Free Pizzas and tons of booze. I love you and your house! Can’t wait to see the Pig’s new digs.


  2. If we got that knitting machine working, all the cold people in Kalamazoo/Calhoun County would WARM!!

    I’m ordering pizza from Erbelli’s-they’ve got the gluten free!


  3. Busy? A job, school, Three Pigs, an Ogre and a dog. Ya think?
    Lazy? I think not. Tired? Yes. See above.
    Sad? Didn’t get a big, beautiful, new house:( Also didn’t get new big, fat mortgage, get to keep Pigs in same school with same circle of friends. 🙂
    Yea for getting knitting books home!!! Have a GREAT time with the ZPDK this weekend. Drink a (insert favorite alcoholic beverage here) for me:) XOXO


  4. Wow. You are just crazy with too much going on. How are the Bella Mittens coming?


  5. I feel your pain… the knitting and moving pain, I mean.

    When we were moving last year, I packed everything… and I mean EVERYTHING I didn’t think we would need for 6-8 weeks. EVERYTHING was in storage for nearly a year, which means we had to buy several things that we already had because they were in storage. We’re still working through some of that redundancy. Gah.

    I’m glad things are calming down for you. 🙂


  6. I’ve got one Bella mitt done. I am now looking for a twilight loving one handed person.


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