Do the Right Thing-Spike Lee isn’t wrong

Something amazing is going to happen.  Something will be started, worked on and finished.  Why??  Because I want it to.  Because there is a need.  Because I saw there was a need.

I will make it happen.  I have set my mind on it, and it will be accomplished.  I will set the ball rolling, and I will make people’s lives better.  Even if it’s 5 at a time, or only 1 at a time, I CAN, I WILL make a difference.

Do you feel like this?  Do you have ideas and want to help?  Do you see a hatless kid, or someone without a coat, or a lunch?  HELP.

See litter on the ground.  Pick it the hell up.  The change really does start with you.  Yes, Shannon, I do feel shitty about not helping out with the last Zombie Prom Date Knitters of SW MI adopt a highway pick up.  To return the favor, I picked up trash at work.  It’s not the same, but it did make a difference, a small difference.

Our adopt a highway project is a labor of love.  Like a serious labor.  Our section is on I94 mile maker 84-86, east and west bound.  Dude, that’s like 4 miles.

I skipped out, these 2 carried my weight. Yes, I feel like an ass.

NO, it’s 4 grueling miles of litter, piss in bottles, arizona tea cans, possible crime scenes, and meth waste.

If Shannon (Spinsanity) wants to keep up our 4 miles, I am in.  No backing out, no excuses.  It’s the right thing to do.

Why am I on my soap box?  Because I have been slacking.  I need to do more.  There are needs that I see and I can help.  I should help.

Are you in?  Do you see something you can do, something you should do?

DO IT. Don’t wait.  You’ll feel the relief of a job well done.  You’ll feel better, you’ll feel lightness, and you’ll want to do more.

The Zombie Prom Date Knitters recently collected hand knit/crochet hats for The Haven of Rest in Battle Creek.  We have yet to deliver.  This will be done by Oct 22.

I made hats for the Kalamazoo Deacons Conference.  These need to be given to Loongirl for delivery by Oct 22.

Now, what is the need, where is the need?  Possibly at Lincoln Elementary.  I just contacted them.  I will knit, buy supplies, help with reading or whatever.  I want to give back to an area that has given me a job-because I can, and I should.


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  1. We’ll hook up sometime this week and exchange hats ‘n’ stuff! :)) If you want to knit for Lincoln Elementary, let me know and I’ll donate knitstuff to that too.


  2. Thank you Beth!!! I really want to work with Lincoln!! I think they need us.


  3. Where you lead, I will follow. I’m in!


  4. Posted by Kim on October 14, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    I am in on the highway thing too. I missed this last one too. I will make the effort to be at future ones! I can also make a hat or two. I have been bad at the charity knitting thing, but I can do it. A hat is like two nights of knitting.


  5. I hear yah girl. I’ve been trying this slowly as well. The problem is keeping other motivated. We must give a slap on the arse of all zombies who don’t get their butts up to help!


  6. Thanks for lighting the fire! You have truly inspired me. Let me know and I will knit hats for Lincoln Elementary. I am going to knit hats anyway. Someone, somewhere can use them. Thanks for being the wonderful, caring, generous and inspiring person that you are!


  7. Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. We really can do whatever we set our minds to!! I love you all!!


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