Vampires, we slay them too…

My dear sweet Ogre.  He is always thinking of me.  While taking a break from slaying zombies, he picked up a gift…

Sure, sure, we don’t do much vampire slaying.  Starting with Lestat,  (actually that Fiend, Nosferatu) vampires have become all the lovey dovey death and snuggy rage.  I mean really, do you want a blood sucking fiend sucking on you?  Many, many chicks are totally into that.  Plus, they are undead, but not like zombie brain dead undead, so we usually let them be.

So are vamps ok?  Depends on where you stand.  But for me…live and let undead live.


One response to this post.

  1. I’ve always had a fascination with vampires starting with Lestat and Louis but…if I ever come across one you know that my zombie slaying alpaca poop scooping shovel will be used with force.


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