Family Fun-Make it Stop

Labor Day is just around the corner and summer is coming to an end.  NO!  Don’t read that all wistfully!  Here in Michigan kids are legally obligated to stay running free, eating candy, and general jackassery until after Labor Day. 

I like to make sure there is plenty of jackassery.  It’s what I’m good at.  Well, that and zombie slaying, and those two things really don’t do much for me on my resume.

Here the Pigs are on the Spider.  Also known as the Octopus, or hey that arm thing that goes uppy and downy.  It’s all dependent on which reputable Carnival you are visiting.

The Pigs only got 3 rides, so I wanted to make sure they went on something fun.  You know, not just around and around on the super sparkly motorcycles.
The ride was deemed torture, the worst thing ever and barf inducing.  Mischief Managed.

For our next round of torture we took the Pigs to Chicago.  While at Navy Pier they pointed out the Ferris Wheel.  I said if you didn’t like the Spider, you’re going to hate the Ferris Wheel.

This leads me to wonder what they think the Ferris Wheel actually does.

Later, at the zoo, we were attacked by stingrays.

 Yes, stingrays attack unless you hold beheaded fish between your fingers and then stick  your upper body into the water.  It’s bizarre, but it keeps them from getting vicious.

Speaking of vicious…An any flavor Icee Machine?  That is vicious awesome. 

Here the fam is outside the Field Museum.  Why the Ninja pose?  I’m thinking it’s tradition now.

So what do all these fun stories tell you? That summer was over weeks ago! Michigan Schools, open your doors and put some learnin’ on these Pigs. They’re tired of fun.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like you all had a great summer. I'm glad that school is starting soon though. Less little urchins to watch out for when backing out of my driveway.


  2. Minnesota schools don't start until after Labor Day either. Unless you are lucky enough to have a child attending a private school where they got to start weeks ago, which we are not. Mr. Darcy and I are starting to seriously consider the year-round school options.


  3. Looks like a flipping blast! I love labor day weekend!


  4. Mine are anxiously awaiting the opening of the school doors but not as much as I am!


  5. I'm laughing out loud, as I am the mother of 3 little ones AS WELL as being a kindergarten teacher. We're all summer-funned out too…our local fair was HELL (too hot, too expensive, too many toothless carnies). My classroom is almost ready…so bring the kids on! (I didn't know Americans had labour day, too!)


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