Yarn, it’s saving the World

Yesterday was the Pig update…Now for the knitting update.

I spent Saturday with fellow ZPDKs at the 4th Annual Roof Sit.  It was an Event (see everything I go to is an Event) to raise money for The Haven‘s In As Much House, a Battle Creek Homeless Shelter.

Awwh, aren’t we a great group of people, helping the homeless? Ok, it was double awesome, the roof that Mix 104.9 was sitting on was Your Local Yarn Shop’s roof! 

Previous Charity Events, and projects done by ZPDK members-

Kelly and the ladies at YLYS were hosting a Yarn Swap EVENT in the parking lot.

Along with all the great swapin’ going on, the lovely people of School Pond Alpaca brought some of their animals. 

The Alpaca were quite a draw.  Also, towns folk of Battle Creek,

        These are Wonder Why Alpaca-Not SchoolPond.  It felt like cheating to take photos of theirs

 they weren’t Llama, “thems uuuugly” beasts were alpaca.  Also, pork is from pig.  You know the barn yard kind and not the law enforcement kind.

We had a great time showing people how to spin, talking about yarn, and raising money for The Haven.

 YLYS raised over $600 just from the Feel Good $5 deal they had going. 

The Roof Sit event raised over $30,000 for the Haven.  Yeah, I double checked, I put in the right amount of 0’s. 

In normal ZPDK fashion going to one Event lead to another Event.  We will be knitting hats and scarves for The Haven’s In as Much House. 

The Haven Hat’s Hoopla! (aka Hats for  Homeless…continued)

Knit a hat, or 27 this summer
Turn in 100 hats/scarves to The Haven
Deadline for hats-Labor Day

I want to get the hats to the Haven early so they have a better idea of what they are going to need for the rest of the Winter. 

If you need yarn, we had a VERY generous donation of yarn to be used for Charity Projects.

As always, we are still accepting Kidney Kozies to be distributed to Calhoun and Kalamazoo County Dialysis Patients. 

If YOU have a Kozy, Prayer Shawl, Cape, hat, or anything you would like to donate to another Charity, let me know.  I will get it to the appropriate place, or help you start a Charity Project.


2 responses to this post.

  1. YLYS raised over $600??!!!The Roof Sit event raised over $30,000??????????????Way to go ZPDK!!!!!!!!!!!! Y'all are freaking AWESOME!!!!!


  2. Amazing!


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