Is that sheared or shorn?

Wonder Why Alpaca Shear Day…
You may wonder, and you may wonder why, but if you are at a shear day, you better get ready. Ready to work, or eat, or watch.  Really, there is a spot for everyone.
Chrysler and Spinsanity-The Alpaca Nurses
Besides having donuts at the farm by 8am, Chrysler and Spinsanity got the vaccinations ready for the alpaca.  Not sure, but I’m thinking it was dewormer stuff. (very scientific, I know)
After an alpaca is caught, it must then be tipped.  Ok, not like cow tipping.  This is a controlled process that went something like this
Jim: “You got the head?” 
Me: “uh?”
Jim: “Ok, GO!”
Leg sweep, leg sweep, steady weird alien head, and she’s down.
The she being referred to is me.  Ass over tea cart.  Or ass over alpaca depending how you look at it.
Katie was shearing for the Wonder Why Farm.  Sadly, her assistants were the ZPDK team…
How many ZPDKs does it take to take a boot off?  3 and one to take photos!
How many to put up a shade shelter? ALL, even the photographer.
We learned pretty quickly though.  We had too!  18 animals, 2 llamas, and the cats.   
Shear belly=garbage
Shear body=GOOD
Shear Legs=2nds
Shear neck=Good
Chin, lower legs=Texas rug
Move quick, stay out of shearers way, have bags and shots ready, for the love of all things fluffy-Do NOT let the alpaca think you aren’t paying attention!  One relaxed hand, or wipe of a snotty nose the alpaca would try to take advantage and get away.  How it thought it was going to get away while attached to a stripper pole, I don’t know.  But what I do know is it would totally mess up it’s hair cut.
Shearing can be done by hand with these giant scissors, but Sunshine was just getting a topknot trim 
Shots are given after the shearing, toe nails are clipped during, then the big reveal…Naked Alpaca!!
Beware of their cuteness! Aliens…ATTACK!
Now when you wonder why the alpaca roving, yarn or sweater costs more than other fibers…you’ve got a bit of an idea what goes into it. Fun, friendship,hard work, sweat, and snot.

3 responses to this post.

  1. "Leg sweep, leg sweep, steady weird alien head, and she's down." lol! but yea, that's pretty much how it went. I'm just glad you had the weird alien head cuz the couple times I did…it was weird! "Fun, friendship,hard work, sweat, and snot." Ah, I miss the good smelly, dirty times:)


  2. You are the best intern and friend a WonderWhyGal can have! Thank you for bringing your awesome to the farm and keeping me motivated when I start to doubt myself. You are one inspiring lady. xoxo


  3. I would never have the patience to do this. More power to ya! The alpacas look so frigging cute sheared.


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