Friday, Knitting, slow news day

I knit for quiet.
I knit for peace, charity, and the hope of better things to come.
I knit because I fidget.  I’m a flibberty-gibbet.
I knit for babies,  kids, sick friends and strangers.

No, they don’t always want it.  Sometimes it’s ugly.  But it’s all been made with lot’s of laughter and fun near by.  I guess that knocks out the quiet part.

Right now I’m making a baby blanket out of an Alpaca Soysilk blend.  It’s so fancy, and silky and beautiful.  That’s the yarn I’m talking about.  I’m hoping the blanket follows suit.

That’s Alpaca!

I also have a cotton blanket in the works.  Mostly because I didn’t know what else to do with the yarn.  When all else fails…I go to Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth pattern.  No, really, when it’s done up large, it’s a nice square blanket.  Done in cheap cotton, hello dishcloths.

I used to mock PK because all she ever knit was dishcloths.  I totally get it now.  Hands busy, no thinking, finished project.  It’s pretty sweet.

This was part of Fiber Arts Friday.  For more fun blogs, visit Wonder Why Gal.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Yeah when I need to do something I usually end up knitting squares. I have piles of them. Someday I'm going to have a really weird looking blanket of mix and match yarn sizes, blends and colors.


  2. That blankie looks like it will be quite lovely. Can't wait to see it in all it's glory.


  3. plus if you want to make it fancy you can add a lacy border


  4. I got a cotton grandma's favorite blanket when my son was born and it's wonderful. I love that pattern, too – mindless and hand-occupying at the same time. The alpaca blanket sounds yummy!


  5. I never "got" knitting dish cloths, although some of my finished projects could have been used as dish cloths! LOL.


  6. That Alpaca blend is beautiful. You'll have created an heirloom when you're finished. I love kitchen cotton for making cabley things. I have a Serenity Blanket started in white cotton that I need to get back to one of these days. I like how the cables show when you use a nice round cotton yarn. Happy FAF!


  7. Wow, I never thought of making that dishcloth into a blanket! :)Jess


  8. I still haven't knitted a dishcloth. hmmm, I don't think at this point I could work with that yarn after all my yummy alpaca.Your baby blanket is gorgeous!


  9. Your blanky is so purty! Hand knit dishcloths rock. I can try out all kinds of patterns and stitches without much commitment or do mindless knitting of grandma's favs when I need a break from something more complicated. Bonus is I end up with a stack of dishcloths that actually work really well for…who'dathunkit…washing dishes, counters, etc.


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