Why I’m drinking rum and coke and eating fudge

The puppy and I are going through some tough times.  First there’s all the barfing.  No, not by him, by the Pigs.  Actually, the barf is like a treat to him.  He loves it.  He goes right in with the Pigs, and practically holds their hair back while they work it out. 

But for me, the barf is a bit much. Snot, I’m fine with.  Barf, ewwwh.  That may be why I let the dog help out so much.

So after a tough night of barf duty, Indy then got himself duct taped to the ottoman. 

No, I didn’t tape him there.  The ottoman has been lovingly reupholstered with duct tape.  Oh, didn’t you know?  If you have an official pee chair, it’s a frat house rule to reupholster the matching ottoman with duct tape.

He got stuck.  Something about fur and duct tape not mixing.  It’s a tough lesson for a young dog. 

Sadly, that was not Indy’s biggest excitment of the day.  He also took a flying leap out the front window, and much to his pride’s dismay, landed on a Japanese Maple tree.

Yes, my dog is full of grace, charitible of spirit, and has a hearty sense of adventure. 

Those are actually key words I look for in a friend, and a dog.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like Indy needs a treat too.


  2. That poor dog. He got a big chewy bone and a good long snuggle. We were hiding from the barf in the basement.


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