Everyone’s got something to hide…

 ‘cept for me and my monkey.

That song has been burning a hole through my brain for the last month.  My monkey?  No, it’s not rum, wine or knitting. It’s volunteering.  Surprised?  Yeah, me too.

I make rice krispy treats for bake sales, school treats and the like.

 You all know about the Zombie Prom Date Knitters adopted section of 1-94.  I mean how can you forget when I’ve threatened you and your next of kin if you were to dare litter.

 I also help by knitting through the Kidney Kozy Project.  Yes, even my knitting can help.  It goes with my motto “It’ll fit someone.” 

Ok, I didn’t make this quilted one, but I did drop it off, and I do belong to the community service group that donated it.

                                                                Here are some knitted ones! I did not make all of these.

I also take time out of my busy schedule to slay zombies.  I mean, some one’s got to do it, or we’d be over run by the reanimated dead.  No one wants that.

 Not so much a zombie. But I’d slay that action, Luke Skywalker style.
Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, sometimes I say yes for multiple things on the same date.  I bitch, I complain, I say I’m never going to help again.  But I do, and I enjoy it.
Don’t worry, I wasn’t always like this.  But I returned the Who’s gifts and my heart grew three sizes.
No, it was like this…
My Dad was born with one kidney.  Whaa, haahaa.  Sob story time, right? 
 No, he was fine, until about 7 years ago when that kidney started to fail.  About the same time, my friends Sarah and Jennifer’s Dad Ray, (born with 2 kidneys) kidneys also decided to stop working.
My brother Carter was not only a good match with our Dad, but also willing to donate.  No one was a good match for Ray, so he was put on the donor list.  Ray passed away just over a year ago.  But thanks to Carter, we still have Marty.
I feel bad that I didn’t even get tested for my Dad, and that Carter stepped up and did the right thing.  I feel worse seeing my friends mourn their father. 
So, what do I do?  I try to match my brother’s good deed by doing good deeds, and honor Ray at the same time.
That’s where my biggest volunteer item comes in… The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan.
Team Little Carter’s Ray of Sunshine and WMU Players at NKF Walk 2009
We walk for Ray, we walk for Marty, we walk for Carter, and all the people who have kidney issues.  It’s more common than you think. 
Want to help?  This year’s walk is this Sunday, May 2 at the Celery Flats in Portage MI.
If you can’t make it, but want to help my team raise money, please, donate.  It’s tax deductible, and will make you feel good.  About your 2010 tax return, and yourself.

2 responses to this post.

  1. You are an awesome volunteer! Marty is lucky to have you as a daughter and Ray and Rex…they are looking down from the happy place in heaven and thinking, "What on earth is that crazy woman doing to her hair!" Just joking. They are proud of you and I'm glad I have a friend that is passionate about helping mankind without dressing up in weird costumes. Sorry, I was hooch shopping at 9am this morning.


  2. I don't know how you do it all. I'm exhausted just reading this:) Keep up the good work Girl Friend!


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