We’re Normal, Like You

The Zombie Prom Date Knitters have often been referred to as “that weird knitting group.”  Sometimes we’ve heard comments like, “I wouldn’t associate myself with a group with zombie in the name.  What’s a zombie?”

We do plenty of the same things your group does. Lap robes are Kidney Kozies in our world.  Hats for babies, not usually our gig, but homeless people, we’ve got their heads covered. 

Being big on good deeds, our group decided to Adopt-a-Highway.

Like everything else we do, it’s done with style.  OK, flair?  Flair. 
Personalized Safety Vests-Check!Sassy boots-Check!
It’s not a real knitting group event if there isn’t YARN. 
Besides what else are you supposed to do with this recycled robot ass glow in the dark, will last through end times neon day glow stuff besides Yarn Bomb with it?
Turns out, the sign’s legwarmers from last year are still in great shape.  They just need to be washed. 
Here is the official report of this year’s clean up from our great leader Spinsanity. 
Official trash pickin’ report:

Sat. April 10th– 11 peeps, 5.5 hours (including lunch break), 79 bags (I was mistaken, there are five packs of twenty bags in each box, not ten of ten)
Thurs. April 15th– 4 peeps, 2.5 hours, 28 bags
  Sat. April 17th– The Spring adopt-a-highway clean up is officially DONE. We had 5-6 peeps, 5 hours and filled 52 bags today for a grand total of 159 bags. Thank you so much, Team ZPDK, you all rock my world!

Why do this?  Camaraderie, fun, time together, exercise, the beloved smell of auto exhaust.  We’re good people.  Let’s just stick with that.

Now, as a reminder, if you feel the need to piss in a bottle, dispose of your meth making waste or drink an Arizona Tea, please don’t throw said items out the window of your car. Give a hoot, don’t pollute. Because if you do pollute, and a ZPDK sees it, you may find yourself being chased down by a shovel wielding knitter who is used to slaying zombies.   

See, the Zombie Prom Date Knitters aren’t a weird, we’re  a caring, environmentally thoughtful, knit group.  We’re just like you.

Ok, so maybe we are a little different.

4 responses to this post.

  1. 263 bags of garbage last year, 159 this year! Way to go ZPDK's!


  2. Also, don't use styrofoam of any kind. That stuff does not break down and is a pain in the ass to pick up. Unfortunately for me I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame and could spot pieces of it from feet away. I do not want to pick up another piece of white crap ever again!


  3. I found out from my son's teacher that it is Volunteer Appreciation Week – I thought of you guys and all the other great volunteers out there – Cheers!


  4. I want to be a part of this. How do I do so? please e-mail me at adriennebethy@gmail.comThank you!Adrienne


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