The Clap has an Accident

This morning I woke up to the Ogre yelling.  He yells a lot, so I wasn’t real concerned.  When I went downstairs he said “I’ve got some bad news.”

At this, I started to pay attention.  What he told me, well,

Remember this bag?  My lovely Zombie Prom Date Knitters bag?

The one I keep my Clapotis in.  It also had the new Knitting Traditions magazine from Interweave in it.

 Yeah, well, it was in an unfortunate accident.
A dog peed on it.  No, not the sweet puppy you see in the photo.  He’s a baby dog and can’t be trusted out at night.  It was this dog.
Some people call him Tiger, others Copper, or Pork Loin.  Right now, I call him Asshole.
Luckily, the magazine and my knitting accessories bag took up the brunt of the incident.
I know, my knitting accessories all covered in pee, right!
Available at Your Local Yarn Shop
Ok, maybe not your local yarn shop, but definately at the one in Battle Creek
Due to the large amount of snot I deal with because of the Pigs, anytime I see a snot or barf resistant looking bag, I buy it.  These beauties are also pee resistant.  I would imagine it’s sort of like the water resistant watches, only water resistant up to 10 feet of pee.
My Clap is 33 rows away from done.  I guess I should have stayed up and watched the Ladies Figure Skate, I would have been done.
Look at the Clap in all it’s filthy glory!
Instead, I will be finishing today, carefully, and ignoring any wet spots I might come across.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Bad, Copper, Bad!knitwithsnotinpee….that's the new name for your Clap!I thought he tore it all out…at least pee can be washed out. You'll work your magic and it will be awesome. It already looks beautiful!


  2. Oh no! That's one disaster I never actually considered. Maybe I should invest in some water-proof knitting bags, too.


  3. Oh crap! I mean pee!


  4. Oh, my… You are handling this well.


  5. Sounds like you may need to call in Caesar Milan. But, I don't know if he could rehabilitate your Clap!


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