What keeps you from Knitting?

Saturday knitting on the Clap was a bit light, becuase I was weighted down by all this bleu cheese dressing I ate.
An Ogre sized serving of salad dressing
I have 2 points to add to this, the dressing was really Cake Andrea’s and the salad was human size.  I don’t know if she ate all the bleu cheese, I was trying not to look.
It wasn’t just large amounts of dairy products that kept me from knitting, we also went to the WMU-Ohio State (THE Ohio State University) Hockey game.
Kentucky Irish had never been to a game, so I took it upon myself to teach her all I know.  Here’s what I dropped on her:
1.  Icing-The puck goes too far
2.  Off sides-the people go too far
3.  Hockey Sweaters are called sweaters, not jerseys because they used to actually be knit sweaters.
4.  WMU Hockey games are the best place to score cheap WMU swag. 
 (I got a $5 t shirt for  Pig 3.  It even has Elmo on it.  He then told me he didn’t like Elmo anymore.  I said for $5, his friend Lucas can have the damn shirt.  He now likes Elmo again.)
The hockey loving Dad on my left was not impressed with my knowledge.  But when it came right down to it, we cheered exactly the same. 
No mention of the Ogre in all this hockey.  Well, he did set it up for his friends, arranged dinner reservations for 20, and then was not able to make it.  No, it wasn’t due to his broken vehicle.
That happened the next day.  He was taking the Pigs to Cub Scouts so Pig 1 could get his Webelos badge.  Yes, my baby is no longer a Cub Scout, he’s a Webelo.  He’s working his way to being that geeky kid getting his Eagle Badge you see in the newspaper on Sunday.  Well, praise those geeky kids.  This Scouting stuff is a lot of hard work.  Ok, and loads of fun.
Oh, the truck.  That also kept me from knitting.  You see, the Ogre went out to Target, and never came back. 
But we ended up going to Target to try and jump start his car.  It didn’t take.
I may not know about hockey but HEY! jumpstarting a car is one thing I know how to do.  I also know how to drive a stick shift, and I can stick my foot out the door and get it started that way too.  I have many car related talents.
We ended up calling a tow.
Then our Truck broke the Tow Truck. 
The Ogre calling for a 2nd tow
Yep, broke the hydrolics.  Our truck was dangling to one side of the tow.  I didn’t get a good photo, because I was laughing too hard.
I don’t know what happened after that.  We left, and went sledding.  Yes, broken truck=great time to go sledding.  It was actually tubing.  Which I highly recommend.  Especially when it’s 40 degrees out.  It was perfect. 
Yes, I hogged my tube.  I finally found a sport I’m good at.  I wasn’t all pushing kids over, but I did feel much like Napolean at the WaterPark in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. 
So, the knitting…after all my adventures of yesterday, I sat down with a glass of Barefoot wine and knitting the heck out of that Clap.  You know, I’ve drank exclusively Barefoot wine during the knitting of this Clapotis, I think they may be my knitting sponsor.  I need a t shirt.
Or a sponsored beach clean up trip.  So I can wear my sandles, because here, I can’t.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I am laughing so hard right now I can hardly type. LOVE IT!Can't wait to see your finished Clap and it sounds like we should make a ZPDK Tubing fun day!


  2. *SNORT* awe man, coffee + keyboard = not good. Funny as shit but not good.


  3. Reading my knitting blogs keeps me from knitting! Thanks yet again for the chuckle.


  4. That pic of the table looks exactly like my table out back except the puppy will only poop under the table at this time, so, yeah, there's that…Your ogre's truck was so beastly it busted the tow truck. Nice! Kick ass with the ogre's bad self!


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