I’ve been cleaning

It has recently come to the Ogre’s attention that I have a lot of yarn, knitting books, a spinning wheel, and all the accessories that go with said craftiness. Ok, I don’t have a swift. But other than that, many, many items of craftiness.

Guest room. Cozy, no?

The Ogre sent me to the basement. To clean up my mess. For 2 days.

I found 7 poorly executed projects, and 1 beautiful tank top, meant to be given to Beth as a Birthday gift.

Go ahead, feel better about your knitting

I can understand why the 7 crappy projects were lying half done with the needles still in them, they were too horrible to continue. Actually, the mittens were so mismatched in size that I didn’t have the heart to finish the thumbs. No, I’m not knitting endless mittens until I come up with a match.

But the tank top was all done except for straps. Why did I abandon it so close to the end? This is when a knitting notebook would come in handy. Or less secret knitting. Hell, maybe I knit it in my sleep and it will be done in a couple more months.

Bagged and organized

What did I learn from all this? I learned that an organized tidy space leads to…Oh ha! I learned that I’d rather be out slaying zombies.

This was part of Fiber Arts Friday. If you’d like to read blogs that are actually informative, please stop by the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, where Wisdom begins in Wonder.


8 responses to this post.

  1. This looks a lot like my mess. I have a baby sweater with no arms. Not to be out done I have the SAME sweater in a different size with ONE arm. Sad. Guess we have the same affliction. That's why we are friends.


  2. I'm so excited to find out you were knitting for me! Yay!heh;-)


  3. Yes, I feel better now. I love the colors and I've been with you long enough that I actually recognize a couple of those projects.Less Zombie Slaying/More Knitting?Naw!


  4. It's nice to know other people's guest rooms are as cozy as ours.


  5. Very cozy guest room. I don't mind the UFO's but the needles, ouch! LOL!


  6. Having failures recognized doesn't make me sad…it makes me feel FAMOUS!I'm really glad many of you also have cozy rooms!


  7. I keep wanting to organize my stash, too. I even have a toy sorter shelf thingie to do it with. But it requires cleaning out our laundry room in order to make room for my stuff, and honestly I haven't got the energy for it, especially since it's unheated. Brr!Jessjessecreations.wordpress.comstoriedyarns.etsy.com


  8. oh my gosh, it is a family trait. i think that looks normal. can you imagine i am cleaning out the house my parents and i have lived in since i was 15 [i am 62 now]. someone please help. love and miss you. when are we going camping? toady


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