Bad Camping = 2 Hats

Remember this?

It’s my Wonder Why Alpaca Farm roving I bought last summer. Yeah…summer. Ah, summer.
We had so many adventures together…

My glasses were under the tent…what camping does to feet…ready to hike

Not another mile….why is my tent always in the rain?

I spun that alpaca fluff during rest times between my adventures.

Wow, looking back at the summer, you’d think I’d never want to go camping again. I am apparently not very good at it.
But remember when I wasn’t good at spinning, and knitting?
Well, look at this!
Matching hats? Yes!
Two beautiful handspun, hand knit Berets!
I don’t give up! On camping or spinning and knitting!
Of course I don’t need two hats. Whatever shall I do? One is going to the Wonder Why Gal, and the other will be donated to the Cub Scouts Pancake Breakfast Silent Auction. Wait, that leaves me with no hats…I can make more.
Cub Scout Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction
Feb 14th
Contact me for tickets…You know you want to eat, and then bid on that hat!!
This sad story was submitted as part of Fiber Arts Friday, hosted by the Wonder Why Gal. Please go read about other Fiber-y people’s adventure. I’m sure no one else’s are this snotty, or dirty, or involve so many broken tents…

6 responses to this post.

  1. Love your berets. Well worth the bad camping!


  2. Looks like fun "Oh Crazy Ones". I like the berets! – MaLinda


  3. Job well done and many smiles making it!


  4. I love my hat. You are awesome! Thank you for sharing…and now making me long for summer.


  5. I love your berets! It gives me confidence that one day my spinning will be even enough to make something with the yarn, ha ha!Jess


  6. Jesse! I'm sure you can totally knit with your handspun! My hats are a bit on the uneven side. It just adds to the character!


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