Deborah, You’re a Star

Last night, was another Magical Night. It was Deborah’s Going Away Party.

Deborah! Star of the Evening!
I guess that should be Evening Star.

Don’t fret, she’s not going away far. She got a new job, in, well, close to town.
How did I get invited to a work going away party when I don’t actually work? Well, here’s how I introduced myself:
“Hi, I’m Holly B. You probably recognize me because I’m famous.”

No, really, firm handshake, you probably recoginze me because I’m famous.
All parties need someone like that, right?
The Ogre disagrees…

The Ogre-making friends, being social, or yelling?
It all looks very similar.
Yeah, the Ogre works with Deborah, I am friends with Deborah,
and I used to work for the same evil pharmacuetical company. I was a rock star awesome worker. Yeah, like a plaque with my name on it hangs in building 392.

Holly B.
Rock Star Awesome Worker Award-2000

I don’t have a photo because, you know, no photos in the building. But I hear it’s lovely.
Speaking of lovely, we all had a great time celebrating Deborah’s exit from one adventure and her start to a new one. Congratulations Deborah! We are really proud of you for following your heart.
On the knitting front…

Making a hat a beret.
Now I’m making a London Beanie. For fun. Well, and hats make me feel good. I want to share the love of hats with a friend, so I was testing out the pattern. It’s a good one.


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