Derby. What a weird word

The Mighty Death Star Blossom, alas, was not match for, well, almost any other pinewood derby car.

Turns out you do have to pay attention to more than just how pretty your car looks.

The Bird, The Golden Arrow and Death Star Blossom
Stuff like wheels, and axles and so on really do matter.

Pig 1 taking after me and posing for the camera
Actually, we were working under the “hey, my car looks cool, your car looks cool! Let’s go run it down the track!”

We accomplished what we set out to do-have fun.
Ok, I really did want to annihilate the competition with Shiny Purple Death Car.
Do you really want the gas can award. No, you do not.

Speaking of Scouts, look what I’m making for the Cub Scouts Feb 14th Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction.

Hat, not the sweater.
They really wanted a handspun, hand knit Alpaca Sweater donated to the Silent Auction. Yeah, maybe next year guys. I need a little more warning than 2 weeks. That’s just crazy talk.
Oh, wait. Some of you are participating in the Ravelympics and plan on knitting a whole sweater. Well, you’re not crazy, you’re ambitious. I do not have that level of ambition.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Yea. I do not have that level of ambition either. But there is a lady in our group who can whip out a sweater in like a week! Of course she doesn't work or take care of Pigs so she has plenty of knitting time. Me? My ambitions run along the lines of completing ONE knitted scarf for Ravelympics:)


  2. tehehe, I love Death Star Blossom. Can you build a full size zombie slaying version of it?Wait, maybe it didn't win because you didn't put the Tallahassee number on the side. Your hat is awesome, just like you!As for knitting a whole anything in two weeks. I will set the bar low and not attempt that so everyone else will feel better as they finish their insane knit projects.


  3. My Ravelympic entry will be a cabled dog sweater. Or a dishcloth. I'm on team Toasted Ravs.(For toasted ravioli, a St. Louis tradition…not because we are ravelers who are toasted.) BTW, I though derby racers were large enough to put the child inside before you sent it screaming downhill. I'm pretty sure that's how Beaver Cleaver did it.


  4. Yes, we have to use a shrink ray to put the boys in the cars!Beaver did the soapbox derby. Boy were the Pigs disappointed when I brought home the Pinewood derby kits. It's just cheese block sized chunk of wood.


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