Sportastic weekend

It was a long weekend of zombie slaying! We went to 2 sporting events this weekend, and boy let me tell you-the zombies have thawed!

On Friday night we went to the K-Wings game in support of the 6th Grade Camp fundraiser. What a great way to bring our community together for a great cause and a good time.

Plus, the chuck-a-puck thing…what a riot. I mean really hundreds of orange pucks being chucked onto the ice. Which is a lot better than octopus being thrown on the ice. I do have to say that a few zombie bits were also thrown out on the ice. I didn’t know where to ditch them. Still better than octopus, less slimey

Now don’t think just because we had a successful fundraiser at K-wings that the need for funds for 6th grade camp is over. If you haven’t heard, 6th grade camp was almost cancelled this year. We want to make sure that every child has the opportunity to discover a love of nature, and have a good time outdoors! (Plus I am almost positive that is where I first learned about the nature of zombies, and the proper use of a shovel.)

Saturday we went to a WMU Basketball game with the Cub Scouts. Luckily for the crowd we were there to stop the zombie activity. Turns out, zombies love sports. That is one thing that makes it, a desire for brains, and a hunger for competition.

To make up for all this outside activity, I spent last night spinning some alpaca into gold. Ok, some brown alpaca with yellow and orange wool. All done while…watching football.


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  1. I'm sure 6th Grade Camp is where you learned the proper use of a shovel. I mean, after all, the nature of 6th Grade boys is very similar to the nature of zombies and they needed some shovelin'!Dad


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