Oh, SNAP-I wish that Clap was done.

I should be finishing the Clap. I’ve taken that last dose of antibiotics and expect it to be gone with in hours. Ok, it would be done if I hadn’t skipped that one dose and went roller skating.

Pig 3 wearing Plaid Pants.
New Pair for Christmas. This pair has pockets!!

But really, Flat Gryffon is such a great date. A lovely skater too!

Really now, what will I ever do with myself after I finish this, uh, Holiday Gift? I call it a Holiday Gift. That way it can be give as a Gift at the nearest Holiday. I missed Boxing Day. I’m thinking Martin Luther King Day?

Anyway, I got this SWEET yarn at Your Local Yarn Shop. No, not your local yarn shop, My local yarn shop, which is sort of your local yarn shop if you live in Battle Creek. Anyway.

I’m going to make some Kidney Kozies and baby Sweaters. I’m not quite sure which out of what,

Crazy Zauberball 1660 Other Crazy Zauberball……Trekking....

but, yeah, it’s almost a plan. Sure, it’s all sock yarn. But, hey, I’ve never said any of my plans were sensible.


One response to this post.

  1. I love the Crazy Zauberball yarn! (shhhhh…I'm secret practice knitting so I can use the pretty variegated Zauberball kind of stuff)


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