Fiber, no, not that kind!

Where does fiber come from? No, not from your stupid Kashi go Poo cereal box. I mean for your warm, warm mittens or that goofy hat your cousin wears when he goes snow boarding.

From this barn at the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm!

Ok, ok, I don’t get paid for this, but I may be trying to wear the Ogre down so I can get an Alpaca of my own. I’d settle for a bigger house.

But if I had an alpaca barn, maybe I’d like cats!

This cat is nice, because it’s not Pippin

So what do you do with the Fiber? You go to the Grange Craft Day and Craft it!

Elizabeth is all super spin-a-licious and sassy with her drop spindle.

Karel finally rid herself of her case of the clap.
Sadly, Andrea is still infected.
Oh, come on. It’s funny. Fine. Clapotis. Clapotis.
It’s a knitting pattern. You are boring.

Oh, Julie! This was such a good idea! We are AWESOME!

Sarah! You are awesome too! Now, about that scarf. Stop looking so good in it. Who made that? Are they available for hire? Hey, why are you taping the front said of that photo? Are you fake scrapbooking?

Spinsanity, Em, and Abi were also there representing the AWESOME of the recently dubbed “Vaguely Asian” part of the ZPDKs. Sadkly, Spinny doesn’t like to be photographed by evil or non evil cameras, I try to comply.

Kentucky Irish said the sweetest thing when she was leaving the Home Grange Craft Day-

“Did y’all know it’s cold here? Plus there’s loads of zombies?”

Good thing she made friends with a bunch of zombie slaying knitters, huh? We can help her on both fronts.

Fiber, it brings people together. Unless of course you are eating that Kashi go Poo cereal.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Of course you don't get paid. The Wonder Internship is a non-paying internship! I love ya! Thanks for spreading the Wonder.Plus you're an awesome Granger!…and a Rock Star Friend!


  2. Who said the Clap wan't funny? You guys ROCK!Maybe WonderWhyGal will rent/lease you an alpaca. You could scoop paca-poo in exchange. LOL!


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