Snotty, No, it’s the Holidays!

Yes, I’m still using Disney Photos. But this has knitting.

While at Epcot, I found this lovely Dale of Norway sweater at the Norwegian Pavilion.

It was priced at the not so lovely price of $465.

Which lead me to an idea.

Sometimes my ideas are not so original. Hey, let’s stop here and eat some frozen Disney treats…

Then come over here and eat, them. No one is over here, and there’s a garbage can!

Yes, I did take a photo of the inside of a garbage can

So maybe my next idea will be more original. I knit, I have nice yarn, I’ll start charging people $465 per item!

Merry Christmas Sarah! I hope you enjoy the scarf!
For those that know me, you know I don’t say that lightly!

Yeah, right! You know I can’t do that! Well, I don’t knit well enough for one thing, but for another, it’s just not in me.

I may be snarky, blunt, honest, mean, and make you cry, but if you need or want something, I’m probably going to give it to you.

My scarf, my other scarf, the shirt off my back, my coat-as long as I get my red mittens out of the pockets, it’s yours if you need it. Hey! My blood, sure, every six weeks or so, bone marrow-MATCH I’m looking for you! It’s like creepy Go Fish!

Happy Holidays-Do something nice this year. Even if it’s just a knit scarf.

Gift of Life Michigan
Be the Match
American Red Cross


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