Scarfy in Florida…

Here I am in lovely Florida. Note the scarf.

Do you know what scarf that is? It’s the Print O’ the Wave, wait that’s too hard I’ll do the Morning Glory Shawl! Yeah, the one you thought I’d frogged. No! Like learning to spin, I worked on it in secret! Yes, I knit on it like Mike, like a Pro, with my tongue out. Which if you are a NBA superstar, you can defend the tongue sticking out, but if you are a rather shitty knitter, the tongue thing just looks stupid. Thus, knit at home with snot.

Here you so Pigs, Pigs in line, being Pigs, wearing eye searing yellow t shirts.

Unlike many other families, I like to keep an eye on my pigs, and try to not lose them. The yellow shirts work like a charm.

I was also easy to spot. I had the scarf and a jacket on. I did fit with one other group…The French. They too had sassy scarves. The accepted me with open arms. That is until I started yelling at them with my horri-ble American memory of 9th grade French class “Tu est mal! Tu est mal! Tu est mal!” While a group of them were taking photos on the Spaceship Earth ride. Yeah, that translates to you are badly. Badly what? Badly annoying me with your illegal flash photography!

Well, now we are home and I have a bad case of the Clap…otis. It’s another scarf. But luckily my sweet friend Linda took pity on my soul and this was waiting for me when I got home…

Sunday’s outfit

Monday’s Outfit

No Michigan Zombie Slayer’s Outfit is complete without proper gear! Thanks again Linda!!


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  1. We keep an eye on our kids by making them wear orange. Luckily, neither one protests the color, so it works out pretty well.


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