We’re Ready for You Winter

Tips for staying healthy, other than never leaving your house.

Wash your hands frequently.

Cough into your ante cubital area. That’s your elbow pit. That way you’re not spreading your germs.

If you are sick, stay the hell home (I swear, that’s on the CDC web site “stay the hell home.”)
Carry hand sanitizer-USE IT-after the atm, the gas station, the grocery, before you eat, when you get in the car…and so on.

Now, for those of you who recently moved here from warmer regions, Michigan is fooling you. It’s normally already snowy here. So here are some things to get you ready for Winter in Michigan.

You need a sensible hat. 90% of your bodies heat comes out of your head.

So, really, don’t be foolish, make sure you cover your head.

If you are a knitter, and you are under the impression that you will knit yourself a hat, you are kidding yourself. Go, go, now, and buy a hat. You can knit a hat later, but you need a hat now. Besides, hats get lost. I had one get caught in an arctic blast and get spotted over by Niagara Falls later that day.

Jackets. Note the S. You need more than one. Why?

It’s cold and boring, and snowy here, so you end up doing things like sledding, or skiing or skijoring. All of which leave you with a wet jacket. You need a spare.

The above mentioned things, the cold, the snow and the boring, can also lead you to the pub. This too can lead you to needing multiple jackets. Especially if you get “asked” to leave on a Monday, you can come in wearing a different jacket on a Wednesday and they will never be the wiser. Unless you get asked to leave again.

This is a snow scraper attatched to a down snow mitten. Yes, they exist.
Available from Eddie Bauer, $9.99 right now with any purchase. Also a nice addition…Snow Goggles.
I’m just going to throw out that the cape is optional, but layering is always a good bet.
Grandma always said to have a blanket in your car, and 3 days worth of food in the pantry. She also said I was the only one in the family with any common sense. Now, that’s not saying much for the rest of the family…
As a final note:

Laughter is the best medicine. I swear. Medical research from 2008 says so. That’s why I’m so damn healthy, or because of all the rum, I’m an unhealthy host for even viruses.


3 responses to this post.

  1. This is very cute. Glad I found your blog (from Ravelry).


  2. You forgot to mention the laminating part… to avoid the flu, have everyone laminated. It makes it so much easier if you can just get some spray cleaner and paper towels to wipe the germs away… just have them line up by the windows and do them at the same time. Unless your windows are like mine and only get cleaned when company is coming…


  3. hahahaha! Well, at least you're not in deadsville, with it being 19 deg. Fairenheight (sorry, can't spell) and no snow! augh! anyway, keep warm. Knit tons of stuff. light a fire. drink tons of hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, hot buttered rum . .. ) And if "Stay the hell home" is on the CDC site, I'll bet my dad was the one who wrote it. 🙂 he works for CDC, and makes sure we all get flu shots and stay healthy. Sorry if it's a little depressing, though. Laugh a lot. Find a funny show. Watch the loony toons! (they can actually be really funny) Happy holidays!


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