It’s always weird

I finally rode the goat at National Grange!

He is not the goat, he is holding a crate of goodies

Then it got all weirdly American Idol auditions and I decided to take this girl’s advice and Breakaway.

only to hang out with Lloyd the bartender.

It was cool. He just told me to steer clear of the 3rd through 11th floors.
Of course, we were staying on the 5th floor.

Actual hallway at
Amway Grand! Not from the Overlook!

I did not run into any creepy twins though.

They were at home celebrating early Thanksgiving .

This was the Rose, uh, something. I really wasn’t paying attention.

I was busy being fancy. No, I wasn’t Flora this time, but I was a court lady. Still too important to pay attention to the Rose whatever. Joking, I was behind a curtain and couldn’t really tell what was going on. Plus that lack of attention thing.

I also got to hang out with some awesome people from Wisconsin, wait, Minnesota! Hey, this was National Grange, people were from all over.

Also, I did spend some time with Lloyd
Then I was told to look for my ornament on the tree.

No, not this tree. I made one of the ornaments.

See this tree. The Charlie Brown style tree.

My crappy knitting goes NATIONAL!!! Yes, with Faith, Hope and Perseverance my knitting made it to National Grange!

Ok here’s the real story, ornament voting was “People’s Choice” and unlike the Ogre I will vote for myself. Plus I was like 5th place. I know, pathetic.

The photo of Lloyd is totally under copyright of the movie The Shining. It was directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on the Stephen King book by the same name. At the time Stephen King was all pissed off because he was like (paraphrasing by heresy here) “you totally ruined my book, that movie is shit!” But I believe The Shining is pure freaking genius. I love to watch it during a blizzard, while eating ice cream and drinking hooch. Maybe it’s a Michigan thing?


2 responses to this post.

  1. love the creepy twins look. i sure miss them. we have creepy twins here too. they wear me out. love toady


  2. those twins are way creepy! but we love 'em anyway!


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