It’s dead already!

I showed you all my favorite cup. Now here’s my favorite dish rag.

Yes, I knit and I could make a new one. Many, many new ones. Remember my giant cone of cotton last year? I made gifts! Probably unappreciated gifts!

So here I am, with my favorite dish rag. Heading toward the garbage.

In it goes.

What am I thinking??? I see a dirty spot on that cupboard door…I don’t want to use a nice wash rag on that filth, I’ll use this old grungy one!!

That’s why this damn thing is still hanging around.

I’m having the same problem with the Evil Camera. I want a new camera REAL bad, but the Evil Camera still works, sort of. If you hold it just right, adjust the buttons, and don’t mind that the photos are a bit less than awesome, and well are full of evil.

Yeah, I’m taking Pig 2 out and we’re buying a new less evil camera. Wait, what if it turns out the camera isn’t evil, and it was me all along?

As for knitting, I still do that too.

Look, it’s wavey. These aren’t accidental, ok most of them are where they are supposed to be, the rest of them are artistically placed waves.


2 responses to this post.

  1. that wavy thing looks really cool – what is it?


  2. It's the Pale skies cowl from fall 2009 knitscene. It's fun so far!


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