My Cup

This is the glass I drink out of.

No, sorry, it’s a cup. Really, the Ogre and I had a discussion about this.

The cup. All of our cups are the same. I don’t want Pig germs. I wanted my own cup, and my own germs.

So now I have my own that Says Rogue on the front (although it sort of looks like Bogue in this photo) and Dare*Risk*Dream on the back. One little thing makes me feel so happy and reminds me to dare risk and dream.

With this in mind here are a few things that make me happy, and some of the fun things that I like to do. I thought I’d share them with you…

1. My own CUP

2. Not sharing toothpaste. (it may be another germ thing, but I like crest, he likes other stuff)

3. Kicking leaves is something alright.

4. Question authority. Really…the best advice I’ve ever gotten. I think I’ve taken it to heart.

5. Sheryl Crow is right, a good beer buzz early in the morning is awesome.

6. If you go to a brew pub, don’t be a pussy, get the damn beer.

7. I don’t care if it’s 10:30 am.

8. I suggest the sampler, at any brew pub.

9. That guy with one leg, he needs your single sock syndrome sock. Don’t beat yourself up.

10. Not all ladies are bitches, some of them are just shy. Go talk to them. Then decide if they are bitches are not. You may find your new best friend.

11. Smiles freaking are contagious.

12. It really does crack me up when the Pigs swear.

13. I dress the way I do, because I like it.

14. Fancy socks make you feel good.

15. Sometimes you need to try the expensive cheese, beer, etc, it tastes good.

16. Garbage men are people too. Bag your kitty litter, tip your waiter, hold doors for people, give up seats for others.

17. Dogs, horses and cats roll in the grass. I do too. It feels good.

18. Sometimes, my white girl gangsta lean, makes me want to buy a 1986 Ford Escort convert it to a french fry oil burning machine and tour the country playing piano and singing Elvis Costello covers. I can neither sing, play piano, nor convert cars.

19. I love taking the Pigs on adventures. They think a field, a stream a parking garage is cool.

20. Share a book with a friend. Share a book with a kid. Share a book with the world with Bookcrossing!

21. Tiny rubber bands make great stitch markers

22. I really do like to roll in the grass.

So, do you have your own cup?


5 responses to this post.

  1. I want my own cup, I think this is a spledid idea. P.S. – I always thought it was sort of funny when my kids swore when they were little too.


  2. coffee cup… it's the one with the tipped cow and the caption: "…really… I'm fine…"


  3. Yes! Get your own cup!! It will make you feel good!Ah Patti! I'm loving your cup!


  4. A comment and a question:1. My cup says: It sure makes the day long when you get to work on time.2. Your cup doesn't have anything to do with Sarah Palin, does it? Karel aka KWAK


  5. Karel! Your name makes me smile!No my cup has nothing to do with Palin! It has everthing to do with Awesome, fun, fart jokes, immaturity, beer, love, adventure, and, and, and, LOVE!Wow! My $2.99 world market cup means a lot to me! Xoxoxoxlxkxkxxlxlxlxlooooo the l's mean laugh!


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