Crisp Rice by the Batch, YO. Not Yarn Over

I may not cook that well, but the things I do, I kick hienie at. Sadly, one of my great skills is making Rice Krispy Treats. Or in this case “Crisp Rice Treats.”

Oh, come on. I have tips. I make like 5 batches at a time. Who has that kind of patience? It’s a skill, it’s an assembly line. Henry Ford would be proud!

Look how happy!
(I wore that shirt again the next day and found 1 rogue krispy stuck to my sleeve)

I never get any flipping marshmallow on my hands but sometimes I get krispies stuck to like the phone or my camera. You all know I’m lazy. So I’m sure you know I have a secret…

Shall I break magicians code and reveal my secret?

Oh, hell, you know I can’t keep a secret!!

Yes. Butter. But not any butter. FROZEN BUTTER. If you don’t have several pounds of frozen butter in your freezer at all times, you are dead to me. Or vegan. No really, buy it on sale and it keeps in the freezer then it thaws fine. You don’t love butter?

Anyway, if you are making Krispy Treats and you are at the dreaded “press mixture into pan with greased hands” step. STOP! and do this instead:

Use your FROZEN STICK OF BUTTER to press molten hot mixture into PARCHMENT PAPER lined pan.

While the 1st batch is cooling, line another pan with PARCHMENT PAPER. Put your butter back into the FREEZER, and….

Throw that spoon right back in and start over with the butter and the marshmallows!

Holy multiple pans of Crisp Rice Treats! By the time you are done pressing the 2nd batch in the pan, you can pull the 1st batch out by the parchment paper and set it somewhere out of the way.

Sure, I’ve been known to stack layers of krispy treats on the washing machine

This can go on, and on, and on.

8 Batches, 4 flavors, of 2 each
Fruity, Plain, Chocolate, Peanut Butter

(I usually do fruity first, wash the pan, and then go plain, chocolate, peanut butter straight on through with no washing again until the end.)

Trouble getting the marshmallow mess out of the pan? Water into pot, onto stove, boil.

Don’t dread your next bake sale, family reunion, pot luck, holiday bake thing, bring Rice Krispy Treats…by the truck load!

Other thing I am good at making, sloppy joes, to serve 100.

Plus, we went on adventure and found the little door in Kalamazoo!

It’s another Isla de Muerta thing!

We also like looking for the horse parking, and the little building.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Those really are great tips. My kids love them but don't get them often because either they're $2.50 for one at the store, which aren't that good, or I can't be bothered with a sticky mess. I do have frozen butter so I'm all over this.


  2. They are sooo cheap to make this way! The parchment paper is really the other key. Glad you liked the tips!


  3. Must be a weird moon cuz I cooked too!


  4. I came here for your special tips and am all disappointed. Where's the rum? tsk tsk


  5. ohh! A little door? I don't know about these… waz up with that? There are fairy doors all over Ann Arbor; I have always wanted to see them.


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