Blue Squares!

Hey! Blue Squares are coming in from all over now!

Bonnie sent in a batch from IA just last week! Yes, IA.

Ok, I kept saying Idaho, but it turns out Bonnie is in Iowa. I’m sorry Bonnie. I’m really bad with directions. Really bad. I tried to send Bec to a cemetery instead of a chicken barbecue. Told the Zombie Prom Date Knitters to meet at rest stop in the wrong COUNTY for adopt-a-highway cleanup, and the list goes go.

But I am trying to keep this affliction from affecting the Pigs. I have a map of both the United States AND the World hanging in the kitchen. Plus, the US Presidents. I don’t want them to be ignorant Americans. We also work with them on Canadian history and facts, because when we travel, we pretend we’re from Ontario. It’s fun, you should try it.

Anyway, back to the Summer Time Blues Blanket that’s to be donated to the Hope Lodge in Grand Rapids, MI. I believe it was named appropriately. Summer is over, we’re still collecting squares, send ’em if you’ve got ’em.

Guidelines, not rules…

Blue, any shade of blue

Machine wash

Knit or Crochet

Any design

10×10 is the ambition not the goal

When will this end? Oh, it ended on Labor Day. But we only had one square, so we kept going. We have 6, plus some more completed, just not here. So, we will be done when it’s big enough to keep someone warm!

On the Kidney Kozy Front-It really is a Front. Home Grange #129 has taken up the Cause and will now be donating on a regular basis. Take that Kidney Dialysis. We’ll be able to keep more Kidneys warm!


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  1. i think you got your bad direction skills from your dad. every time he left our house he got lost going around the block. we always got a laugh. cant help whats in your jeans…toady


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