Zombie Prom Date OUTINGs

Oh, you know you’ve been waiting for this…

First Annual Zombie Prom Date Knitters

Zombie Slayers Ball

No, you don’t need a date, because mostly likely your date was a no good zombie anyway. Really, check out the zombie prom date knitters’ origin story, Ted was bad, a zombie, and in the end, got the shovel.

So, what happens at the Zombie Slayers’ Ball? Well, we get on our Fancy Dress Clothes and go out on the town.

You too are worried about the zombie horde and you want to join us? Oh, you want to see if anyone besides just me goes out in a Prom Dress to recreate the Original Zombie Prom Date Knitter’s Bravery-then mock me mercilessly if they don’t?

Well, first stop is at:

Full City Cafe 1:00 for a 6 person ice cream Sundae. Full City Cafe at the corner of Oakland and Centre.

Then on to Rave for the 540 showing of the Freaking Awesome Movie


With quotes like “Time to Nut up or Shut Up.” “I haven’t cried like that since Titanic.” “Do you guys want some Purelle?” and the promise of stripper zombies, prom date zombies, zombies, zombies, and more zombies. Oh, I believe Robert Smith said it best, it’s “just like heaven.” I was almost in tears-of laughter and joy just over the trailer.

Of course there will be an after party…but no, I’m not telling you were that is.

As for Saturday, October 10th you can find more awesome at the

Vicksburg Historic Society Fall Harvest Festival


Vicksburg Historic Village
Located at 300 N. Richardson
Vicksburg, MI

Holy Crap, you really can’t get to Vicksburg, unless someone tells you how, or you get lost and end up there.
I-94 to Sprinkle rd
Sprinkle road South until it T’s at the BP.
Turn Right, follow the curve, you will see the Historic Village.

Look for the Crazy in the Prom Dress! We will be doing demos of spinning, combing fluff, and knitting. Bring a chair if you want to join in.

Spinsanity Spindles will be available for sale.
Wonder Why Alpaca products, roving, yarn, etc will also be there. Wait! So will some Alpaca!!! Smell, hear, feel, touch the WONDER!!

Official Fest Details…

Antique market ~ Farmers market ~ Old-time craft exhibitors
~ Antique harvest equipment ~ Music ~ Food ~ Children’s
games ~ Magician ~ Storyteller ~ pumpkin carving
contest ~ Scavenger hunt ~ Pie baking contest

I believe we are the “olde-thyme” craft exhibitors.

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