It was full of Wonder, NOT Snot

The Wonder Why Weekend was beyond WONDERFUL it was AWESOME. I was serving up slop, I mean sloppy joes, as an official representative of Home Grange #129. So I didn’t get to experience the full Wonder. So for the full, official up date please visit the WonderWhyGal’s blog. For the quirky version of the Event…stay here.

I had to feed my assistant or he refused to work

Yes, these sloppy joes were the recipe used at the Original Home Grange Pancake Tent from the Calhoun County Fair. Anything else is NOT going to taste like these.

I couldn’t believe all of the amazing people showing up at the food service, Wonder Why vendor area:

Kalamazoo Knit and Crochet Meet up Group!

My Relatives!!

Zombie Slayers back from a mission!

So I knew there must be some sweet stuff going. I sent Pig 1 out to get some photos of what I was missing. He brought back amazing footage of the outside world.

I did sneak out of the food service building for a bit. Ironically enough, I put up an
“out to lunch” sign. Who did I find teaching people the Wonder of Spinning? Why the Zombie Prom Date Knitters of course!! Check Spinsanity’s new spindle cherry limeade. It’s got little cherries on the shaft. (heehee, I said shaft.)

Apparently, all the cool drop spindle users are wearing fingerless mitts this season.

Which turned out great for Jaxy, because she was commissioned to make a pair for one of the farms. It was all win-win around the Wonder Why Open House!

While on my lunch break I just ran around like a maniac, taking photos, and shopping.

How did I shop? I shot photos, and decided I would contact the farms at a later date. Jackie said “I thought about buying you yarn, but I didn’t know what yarn to get for you.” My answer to her was “ANY!!! Just like Po says ‘I love Kung Fu!!’ I LOVE ALPACA!!!”

She said the same but about alpaca socks. She would take any alpaca socks. See, we speak alpaca. It goes like this…”OMG! Alpaca is awesome, I want some!”

My assistants in the kitchen.

Thank you Pig 1 and Sister Bear!! I couldn’t have done it without you two!!

Now, if anyone sees the Ogre today…

A shout out to him too…

It’s his Birthday!!! Make sure to give him a big hug. He loves hugs.


4 responses to this post.

  1. 1. (((Happy Birthday Ogre!)))2. Pig 1 – Great photo journalism!3. You said Shaft! *snicker SNORT!*4. My Mom used to make the best Slop! She called it Slop too:)Love, Love, LOVE the sassy new do!


  2. Holly ROCKS!


  3. I really was meant to have a Pog of Pigs. I make slop, loads of it, and, well, I guess that's about it.Thank you! Thank you Linda!!!


  4. I think Pig 1 and Sister Bear make a cute couple…I wonder if 20 years from now we really could have the first ever WonderSnot…hmmmmThanks for the WONDERFUL pics. I was only able to take mental pictures and unfortunately those don't post to blogger.


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