Alpaca, Eggs, Landscaping, Yeah, we got that

When you’ve got a Wonder herd of these,

Those are Alpaca, not Llama folks

it turns out, you don’t have much time left for this…

What’s a busy person to do?

Small Wonders Landscaping

You call in a professional landscaper to take care of your problems!

How did I end up helping a professional landscaper? You know I don’t work for money.
I VOLUNTEERED!! I thought it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Guess what, it totally was. Knitting together is fun, but weeding together is funny. We should really pool our resources and get this Small Wonders Landscaping lady more often. Not only was she a riot, but, wow, wait until you see the results when you attend…

The Alpaca Wonder Weekend
with a
Wonder-ful Pen Sale!

Presented by
The Wonder Why Alpaca Farm, LLC

Saturday, October 3, 2009
10am – 4pm

7 miles south of I94/ Battle Creek, MI

1996 E Dr S

East Leroy, MI 49051

Admission: FREE

Check our website

for details.

When we started working, I was all awwwh, look at those turkeys, they’re actually birds that aren’t trying to attack me!

Turns out, they were just trying to lure me closer to the fence so the attack chickens could have their chance at me.

Not only will Home Grange #129 be serving up Sloppy Joes, Chips and soda for the low, low price of $5, but we will also have egg salad sandwiches made from these very chickens! Yeah, take that chickens!

Meal Deals $5
Sloppy Joes
2 Hot Dogs
Egg Salad Sandwich

all meal deals include chips, and soda

Rice Krispy Treats, and brownies, will also be available! Monster Energy Drinks so you can be like the Wonder Why Gal too!!

Now if any chickens, sandhill cranes, or geese get any funny ideas…
This is my dog.

Our yard is a bird free zone.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I gotta come up with a better response but untill I do…… YOU're AWESOME!


  2. Grumpy is in heaven cuz you gave his chickens and turkeys some press. You're the best intern the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm could never afford. Good thing you volunteer!


  3. I'm really excited about this weekend! I really should get out more, but honestly, I'm really excited! If I get there early, will someone put me to work, too? I have to leave early (stupid soccer–who was the idiot who signed her kids up for fall soccer–oh, wait . . .), so I was toying with getting there early.


  4. I love you guys all so much!I interned for free in college too! Yeah.Carina! Come early, we will have all sorts of work for you. It will be so fun, it won't even feel like work! Plus, there might be a moonpie in it for you!


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