The Football was Awesome

Before the game, I got all nervous. Why? because I wouldn’t be able to work on any charity work at the game. It would be all fun and good times. Sure, I can knit anywhere, but my current knitting projects are all lace work and I can’t do lace and work a crowd. So I flipped out and sent the Ogre to the store. This is what he came back with.

Proper Charity Work Size Needles

Why 2 sets of knitting needles. The flip out was so big he was worried I might want my needles to be color coordinated with WMU. He was right, I took the gold ones to the game. GO Brown and Gold! Go BRONCOS!

Here are some pre game photos. Yes, we are tailgating in a garage. Screw you, I made the Ogre opened the trunk.

We had some Kentucky Irish in the house, yo. Somehow between here,

and here,

awesome things happened. I kissed Sandy’s husband, which ended in me getting a $20 Cub Scout popcorn sale from Dee’s brother. See, I’m always trying to help out the Cubs!

(I’d like to say the Ogre just stood by and said “yep” and nodded a lot. I take the attention off of him being so freakishly tall.)

Then we all changed our name to Jenny and I think I’m finally going to get to be a bridesmaid and not the bride for once!!! I don’t know if John knows that his future wife changed her name to Jenny or that I get to be a bridesmaid, but whatever. Promises made at driveway tailgating are forever!

Look! Our WMU spirit beads got us on the JUMBOTRON!!

During the game we made friends, saw other friends, all this while in the Elephant Ear line. Kentucky Irish did her best to keep us abreast of Kentucky’s mighty attempt to thwart a number 1 ranked Florida. God did punish Tebow for either lying about h1n1, spreading h1n1, or just straight up showboating and used Kentucky to concuss him barfing to the hospital.

The knitting? Mocked by all around me. Then my fame of knowing Coach Cubit,
WMU players

and being a “phila… er, phila… er, yes, er, Good Deed Doer.”

Now, who is in for a WMU Hockey Game?? K Wings???? I’m in charge of the next event, and let me tell you, it’s an event.

This was the after party Sunday night.

Now tell me he doesn’t like this dog.


5 responses to this post.

  1. You are some kind of AWESOME!Oh & tailgating in the garage? Much better than the parking lot! You don't have to deal with drunks you don't know and the bathroom is much more convenient & clean!


  2. P.S. Ogre you are the best husband ever!


  3. Hey guess what? My boy wants to check out Western!


  4. I had my doubts at first, but it was nice in the garage. Plus, the bathroom was a great added bonus!Tracyb! send that kid this way!


  5. What a fun time! The tailgating is always a blast! John makes some awesome barbeque!! The Ogre was actually talkative this year…what's up with that? LOLGlad to help out the cub scouts!!


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