It’s always fun around here

Hey! It’s football day. I get to wear the Go Broncos Hat!

Oh, I know, I’m supposed to be at like 3 places today, but sometimes my best friend wins out:

I know you all thought it was you. But I need my very best friend to be a Big Grumpy Ogre.
It balances out all the Short Annoying Cheerful.

Don’t worry, I’m bound to do something stupid today.

I’ve been practicing my one handed back bend, in my new zombie fighting prom dress no less, to prepare for today’s tailgating.

Speaking of fun…ZOMBIELAND!!!! Opens Friday. I’m looking at Oct 9th. Get your shovel and your hedge shears sharpened.


One response to this post.

  1. I love you Snotty! I love how you capture the Sunshine in Ogre's eyes…I can see why you fell in love with him. bahahaha Oh, I know, it's your prom dress wearing back flip that won him over. Hope you enjoyed the game, next MI paca show date is set for May 1-2 so tell Ogre you're mine for that weekend!


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